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Our Ministry…

enables ministry to the over 7.6 billion people in the world. We passionately desire to see people begin a life-long relationship with Jesus, grow in that relationship and introduce others to Jesus.

In his role as part of the Financial Services Group at Cru’s international headquarters in Orlando, Florida, Nate helps Cru ministries manage, allocate and track the financial resources God has entrusted to them. Nate’s administrative gifts free Cru staff team members to better exercise their relational gifts as they build into college students and others around the world. Why serve behind the scenes?

Our Stories …

Kim grew up in Houston, Texas, graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in journalism.

Kim has been on staff with Cru since 1997. “I remember what it was like to not know Christ in a personal way. I want students of all nations to know that Christ died for them.”

She particularly enjoys helping new believers grow by looking at scripture together. She loves to help them understand biblical stewardship of their lives. Kim also likes reading and sewing and being outdoors. She keeps busy caring for three boys.

While working with Cru, Kim has led bible studies for college student women, individually mentoring each member of the group. She helped lead teams of Cru staff members at the University of Connecticut and at the University at Buffalo. She has helped lead multiple Cru summer mission trips around the world.

Nate grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. At five he became a Christian. He graduated from Cornell University with a Genetics degree.

Nate has been on staff with Cru since 1996.

“I think seeing college students come to Christ is vital because they are future leaders. College is our last chance to present the gospel to a large number of people who ‘have the time’ to hear it,” says Nate.

He enjoys helping Cru staff be more effective. He also likes reading, crossword puzzles and the Cleveland Indians.

While working with Cru, Nate has led bible studies for college student men, individually mentoring each member of the group. He helped lead the University at Buffalo Cru staff team, seeking to expand the scope of student impact from one campus to 32 campuses spread over 8 counties in Western New York. He also helped lead multiple Cru summer mission trips around the world.

His experience with students and leading a Cru staff team gave him greater empathy for Cru staff as he served as the Cru Northeast Campus Ministry Financial Controller. While in this role he created tools that help Cru staff to create, manage and track their ministry budgets effectively.

Nate now helps Cru staff across all Cru US ministries to better manage their ministry budgets effectively. As Nate uses his gifts others are able to use their gifts without distraction. Why serve behind the scenes?

You can partner with us.

1 Response to About Us

  1. Rick Kern says:

    Hey Nate and Kim:

    Threw a check in the mail last week – let me know when you get it! Hope all is well, you are all in my prayers. Hang tough in the Lord and bring ’em back alive!


    I run in the path of Your commands for You have set my heart free.
    Psalm 119:32

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