Contracts and Jesus

How can people impact the world when they serve behind the scenes with Cru? You may have asked that question; Nate certainly has.

Since January, Nate has been leading a team to improve Cru’s process for managing contracts.

FamilyLife, Cru’s ministry to families, typically has over 50 marriage conferences and other events each year. Each conference venue requires a contract.

The Jesus Film, Cru’s film ministry, has numerous partners who request to use or translate films into new languages each year. Each request requires a contract.

Cru’s Campus Ministry organizes about 100 mission trips each year for college students. Cru staff locate safe housing for the students so they can minister to the community around them without distraction. Each housing location requires a contract.

Managing all these contracts takes time. Nate’s team estimates that improving Cru’s contracting process may save Cru 30,000 hours annually.

That is time that can be invested in families, Jesus Film partners, and college students. Time for evangelism, discipleship and sending people on mission to the world.

Your partnership enables Nate to free up Cru staff for ministry instead of paperwork. And your partnership is helping Cru to be an even better steward of the money and people that Jesus has entrusted to Cru for evangelism and discipleship.

Thank you! You are making a difference.

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Finding the Father

Edith and her daughter.

When Charlie started kindergarten, Jessica, a Cru staff member, didn’t know a soul at his school. She looked for ways to meet people and kept running into Edith. Edith was also looking for insight into her oldest child’s new world. She became Jessica’s first “mom friend” at the school.

Fast forward six years. Edith accepted an invitation to a weekly NBS2GO Bible study in Jessica’s living room. NBS2GO stands for “Neighborhood Bible Studies 2GO.”

NBS2GO exists to “equip and encourage you to reach the people around you, through unique 2GO Bible studies that are easy to facilitate with neighbors, co-workers, friends or family.”

Edith arrived 30 minutes early the first day because she wanted to ask what to expect. “I’ve never been invited to a Bible Study before,” she confided. Edith attended for a few months, but a work conflict got in the way.

Then Covid hit and Jessica moved the study online. Edith was able to rejoin the group. As they looked at scripture, Edith saw a more full picture of God. She had seen Him as a judge wanting to convict her and didn’t know of His fatherly love.

In the midst of Covid during that virtual study, Edith became a new person. Now she tells all her coworkers about this Father who loves her so much. She’s also been reading the Bible and praying with her daughters!

NBS2GO is just one of the many ministries that Nate and his team serve through managing Cru’s behind the scenes finances and processes. Thank you for your role in helping people know God as Father. You are making a difference in the world!

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Building Bridges

Felipe shares his story. The Jesus Storybook Bible is changing Sophia’s life.

After a week in a mental health unit, Sophia* was returning to Penn State University. When Cru staff member, Meagin, took this Southeast Asian student to the hospital she gave her a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

This Bible was a refuge for Sophia as she struggled with depression and anxiety.

On the ride home Sophia told Meagin, “For so long I have felt like I can’t get out of the darkness; the only way to escape would be to die. One night in The Jesus Storybook Bible I read how no matter how great the darkness is the light can overcome it. I realized maybe I don’t need to get myself out of darkness but the light can reach me while I am in it.”

Meagin also kept Sophia’s parents connected while Sophia was in the hospital. She is praying that both Sophia and her parents would know Jesus.

Meanwhile, at the University of Illinois, Felipe shared his story with 40 other international students from 10 countries at Cru’s Lunar New Year Dumpling Party.

This past August he had said goodbye to Ecuador, thinking he was finally done with God and religion.

He continued, “My first day on campus I went to the union to get my ID, and I saw three people holding a big map. They said they were with Bridges, a campus Christian community. I thought, ‘Oh no, not this again.’ I gave them my number to please my mom, but I knew there was a deeper purpose in that.”

Felipe became a Christian this fall. “My feeling of emptiness was replaced with understanding. Now, I want to study God’s word. I understand the importance of having God first—and of loving each other. In the past, I thought I was happy, but I was lost.”

Thank you for your role in helping people move from lost to light!

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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