Helping with Harvey


Over 350,000 homes were affected when Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston, Texas.

In March over 1,000 student volunteers from 35 nations attending 56 universities in 23 states descended on Houston to help with relief efforts. Even though they came with Cru, 20% of the volunteers didn’t consider themselves Christians.

Each week while they were working some of these students made decisions to follow Jesus for the first time!

During the 4 weeks of spring break, students demoed, cleared, laid foundations, framed, roofed, and paved the way to new beginnings. They even built 5 new homes!

Lauren, a 23-year-old Cru intern at Virginia Tech, was in “Little Cambodia,” in the hard hit town of Rosharon 30 miles south of Houston, for the first week of the work. She and 75 other Virginia Tech Hokies skipped the beach this spring break, instead choosing backbreaking, all day manual labor.

“I love to get down and dirty and work with my hands, and that’s why I came on this trip,” Lauren says. “But I am surprised that the real work isn’t picking up trash or building ramps or anything like that. The real work is that people need to know Christ.”

Another student used his love of cutting hair to offer free haircuts in Little Cambodia. With the help of Google Translate he shared the gospel with a couple and saw them receive Jesus on the spot!

Nate helps Cru’s Campus Ministry manage money well, so whether it is student volunteers or Cambodians in Rosharon, you are helping people know Jesus. Thank you!


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One man wanted nothing


Sarah*, a young middle-eastern woman, loved Facebook. She used it to connect with friends. Facebook also enabled her to escape one life and begin another.

Experience taught her that she was property. She was forced into marriage with a terrorist 40 years her elder. He divorced Sarah. Another older man married and divorced her.

Again her father forced her to marry a terrorist. This husband wanted to use Sarah to recruit other women as wives for his comrades. He told Sarah that as his property she had to do whatever he wanted.

But one night she met a new friend on Facebook. As they chatted, Milad* said, “Let me introduce you to a man who loves you and doesn’t want anything from you.” Sarah stared at her screen and gradually met Jesus.

Questions went back and forth. Sarah had never heard the Gospel message.

Before the conversation was over, she told Milad that she wanted to belong to Jesus. Her new friend led her through a prayer as she began a relationship with her Savior.

Sarah had to flee her country. Milad introduced her to a new community of believers.

One Christian leader estimates that 95 percent of Christians from Muslim backgrounds begin their journey to Jesus by meeting a Christian online.

Sarah’s story has been shared online through, a website maintained by Cru. Over 60,000 Arabic readers have seen her story and 300 have decided to follow Jesus.

You are helping to make this possible. Thank you!

*names changed for security reasons.


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Joining a Spiritual Journey…

Co-Journers Cover

How can you introduce others to Jesus? Cru creates tools and offers training that helps Christians come alongside others on their journeys.

We often teach three foundational principles:

  1. Everyone is on a spiritual journey.
  2. God is already at work.
  3. God wants to use you.

These three principles are the core of the book CoJourners: Joining Others in Spiritual Journey.

Over lunch during a recent training based on the book, one student told the speaker, “I was so excited when I heard you were our speaker that I squealed.”

“Why?” Keith, a Cru staff member and author of CoJourners, asked.

She told Keith that she had read CoJourners on a Cru mission trip. She is now using it in a Bible study at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Many in the Bible study were excited to attend the training with her.

A student from Otterbein University in Westerville, OH, also attended the training. He is now meeting with his fraternity brothers to learn about their spiritual journeys. He expects to discover where God is at work in their lives and the role he can play in helping them on their spiritual journeys.

Part of Nate’s role is helping with some of the behind the scenes details that allow Cru to create resources like CoJourners. Thank you for your partnership in this.

What a privilege that we can be a part of helping others on their spiritual journeys!


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