Fall Highlights

Disney Fall Retreat

Disney interns at the Cru Disney Fall Retreat.


Have you ever had another person completely miss what you are saying? In an effort to better serve Cru staff, Cru’s Financial Services Group is going through a series on communication called “I said this you heard that.”

After only two sessions of this series, Kim and I are thinking about our communication patterns differently. And we are becoming more conscious of how our “clear” statements can be easily misunderstood by others.

You can watch the videos for free by visiting https://www.isaidyouheard.study/.


Nate was recently blessed by a brief note from a friend.

“Thank-you for making the tools necessary to work with students’ credit card payments for Fall Retreats across the country.

I can’t imagine the hours you’ve saved field staff. It’s at least 150 hours just in September.”

Those are hours freed for evangelism and discipleship and for events like the Cru Disney Fall Retreat. Students from around the world intern at Disney where Cru staff help meet their spiritual, physical, relational and other needs.

Using a Hymn

One of the students from China at the Cru Disney Fall Retreat is interested in Jesus because she heard the hymn “Amazing Grace” in a Japanese Anime and thought it was beautiful. Now she is meeting with a Cru staff member at Disney to learn more about Jesus.

Thank you for making it possible for us to serve Cru staff members so they can build into students from around the world. We are so grateful for you!


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Vision leads to Gospel

Watch JFilm

John (right) shares the Jesus Film in the Kuria language after testing vision.

What can old glasses and partnership do? This past summer a team of students involved in Lifelines, Cru’s outdoor leadership development ministry, partnered with GAiN, the humanitarian aid arm of Cru, to provide vision clinics in Africa.

In just a few short weeks, 1,421 people received needed glasses; 2,615 people heard the gospel through Jesus Film showings, personal conversations and partnering African pastors preaching to the crowds; and 404 people indicated that they had decided to follow Jesus.

A grandmother who depends on her friends to move her from place to place because she has only one leg was carried to the vision testing site. After her vision test the team showed her a trailer for the Jesus Film.

She wanted to watch the entire two-hour film. Her friends carried her into a nearby school to watch the film without distraction. Local school children gathered around her as she watched on a small iPad.

After the vision clinics ended, the Lifelines students spent a week climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest point in Africa. This gave them numerous opportunities to share the gospel with their predominantly Muslim guides and other climbers from around the world.

This partnership was possible in part because of you. Nate helps GAiN with their finances and Lauren, a member of Nate’s team, helps Lifelines.

Thank you for the impact you are having on lives around the world!


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Award Winning Team

GroupMe_2019828_84633 (2)

(Back Row L-R) Steve Elliott, Angela Aldridge, Eric Rardin, Eric Ogle, Nate Miller, Russ Martin, Mike Silva
(Front Row L-R) Lauren Burke, Steve Douglass (President of Cru), Jason Lara

The excitement was palpable. The competition for Financial Services Group’s Team of the Year had been narrowed down to three teams. The envelope was opened and, for the second year in a row, the Ministry Finance Team won! Let me introduce my team:

Steve Elliott—has served thirty years with Cru. He focuses on the finances of Inner City, a ministry to the urban poor, and City, a ministry to the rest of the city.

Angela Aldridge—has served thirteen years with Cru. She focuses on the finances of Cru Military and the International Leadership Foundation, which develops leaders of integrity around the world.

Eric Rardin—has served five years with Cru. He is part of a Cru HQ leadership development program this year and helps Steve Elliott.

Eric Ogle—has served ten years with Cru. He is part of a Cru HQ leadership development program this year and helps Nate.

Lauren Burke—has served one year with Cru. She focuses on the finances of the Campus Ministry, Lifelines, an outdoor leadership development ministry, and Athletes in Action, a ministry to college and professional athletes.

Russ Martin—has served twenty-three years with Cru . He focuses on the finances of the International School Project, which helps teachers train students in morality and ethics.

Mike Silva—has served five years with Cru. He leads the team and focuses on the finances of FamilyLife, which strengthens marriages and families.

Jason Lara—has served five years with Cru. He focuses on the finances of the Josh McDowell Ministry, which provides apologetics and combats pornography.

Nate Miller (me)—has served twenty-three years with Cru. Half of my time I focus on the finances of GAiN, the humanitarian aid arm of Cru. GAiN partners with local churches to provide clean water, vision clinics, seed packets and critical aid to open doors for gospel conversations. The other half of my time is focused on improving financial processes for all of Cru.


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