Do You Believe?

* Names changed for security reasons.


Nadine listens intently to Bible stories in her heart language.

“I have never heard this story,” said translator Nadine* during a StoryRunners Elkanlen* language workshop in West Africa earlier this spring.

StoryRunners, a ministry of Cru, brings the Bible to life for those without a written Bible.

As a native Elkanlen speaker, fluent English speaker and a follower of her people’s majority religion, Nadine was a perfect person to give feedback on how the Bible stories would be understood by other Elkanlen speakers. She worked long hours beside the team, repeatedly listening to Bible stories.

During her time, Nadine grew more positive toward following Jesus instead of following her way. She joined some worship times with believing participants. One day she was heard singing a worship song to her seven-month old daughter to help her sleep.

Not long after that, Allen, a Cru Staff member, had a conversation with Nadine:

Allen: “Do you believe these stories?”

Nadine: “Oh, I believe ALL of the stories!”

Allen: “Do you think it was an accident that you came to work with us?”

Nadine: “Oh no, God has called me here! When I come here to work on the stories, I feel a joy that is from God.”

During the final week, the entire group listened very closely to the stories they had translated together. Nadine and two of her friends decided to follow His way!

Thank you for partnering with us so we can provide behind the scenes support for this ministry of Cru, StoryRunners!


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Walking for Water


Cru Staff kids learn about the importance of clean drinking water around the world.

This summer, while Kim and I were taking seminary classes and reconnecting with the mission and vision of Cru, Joah and Micah were participating in a Cru conference for middle school staff kids. They had Bible Studies together, heard from great speakers and also grew in awareness of the world.

One morning they carried 5 gallon buckets of water three miles from the city park pond to a water filtration system. The average person without running water walks that far every day in order to get water.

The cloudy, unhealthy water became crystal clear after going through the filters. Each filter is just $18 and will provide a family of four clean water for up to ten years.

The students participating in this “Water Walk Challenge” donated and raised money to provide water filters for 400 families.

Just as important, the families receiving these filters also learn about Jesus, the source of living water.

Thank you for your partnership!


Cloudy, undrinkable water becomes clean.


You can make a difference!

Isaiah’s 5th grade class is participating in a “Water Walk Challenge” this month. You can provide clean water for a family of four for up to ten years for just $18. To give go to: Water Walk Challenge.

The Water Walk Challenge is an initiative of GAiN – the humanitarian aid arm of Cru



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Equipped for tough questions


Does God exist? Why is there so much suffering? Is the Bible reliable? What does the resurrection have to do with me? How can Jesus be both God and man? What about the poor?

These questions, and more, are what students on campus and people all around us are asking. Christians also ask these questions.

We want ourselves and our Cru staff members to be continually equipped to respond to such questions with knowledge and confident winsomeness, especially in the midst of hostility.

More and more frequently, the beliefs of those we meet are based on their own preconceived ideas of God, instead of on the reliability of the Bible.

Through the end of July, we are in Fort Collins, Colorado, so we and other Cru staff members can be developed theologically and in ministry. Both of us are taking seminary classes on these topics for our own training and development.

Nate is also serving behind the scenes, so over 500 other Cru staff members can take seminary classes and nearly 5000 Cru staff members can attend Cru’s biennial US Staff Conference.

Thank you so much for helping to make it possible for Cru staff members to gain the training necessary to reach the world.


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