Sometimes they come to us

2017.03 International Students

A Cru student meets an international student at the University of New Hampshire.

“You are loved, no matter where you’re from,” was the theme of the International Student Appreciation night Cru students hosted recently at the University of New Hampshire.

Jesus has invited us to take the gospel to the nations! One of many ways we can do that is by befriending and loving international students who come to the US to study.

About 180 international students joined those UNH students for games and conversation and food.

One woman said, “This is the first time an American has spoken to me all year!”

Relationships have continued as they have met on campus for coffee and dinner.

Please join us in praying that these friendships will continue and that students will learn that God loves them no matter where they are from!

Across the country in Champaign, Illinois, Cru staff are befriending international students, too.

Lauren chatted with Ann, a student from China. She invited Ann to come for dinner at her house that night even though she expected excuses. However Ann came! She met other international students and then joined them in their weekly Bible study.

They gather on Tuesday evenings to investigate Jesus together. There are 5 girls who come regularly and another 5 girls and a couple guys who sometimes come.

Please join us in praying that each would come to know Jesus personally!

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God Protects and Provides


Because of your generosity, this was not catastrophic!


Have you ever known that you just experienced God’s protection and provision?

This past Christmas, we invited you to partner with Jesus in providing a new minivan for our family. Many of you very generously did so. In fact, Jesus provided more than we even imagined that he would. Although Ephesians 3:20 speaks specifically about Jesus’ ability to transform our hearts in light of his love, we experienced this verse to be true in this situation as well. And you were a big part of that.

Our old minivan had hit the 200,000 mile mark a while back. Many little things were going wrong with it. The front passenger wheel began sounding like the CV joint was going bad—again… We began the hunt for a new van in earnest.

We found a few possibilities, but then a decision was forced on us. After looking at a van, Nate and the boys were driving back home when the wheel began to feel really loose. Nate pulled into a parking spot just as the wheel broke off the car and rolled away!

Jesus protected and provided for us in so many ways that day:

  • The wheel broke off in a parking lot, instead of on the highway while heading home at 70 miles per hour.
  • The breakdown occurred just half a mile from a co-worker’s house. Nate and the boys had a place to go while they waited for Kim to get them.
  • Through you, Jesus provided the purchase price of a solid used van, which our mechanic says may last another 150 -200 thousand miles.
  • Insurance provided nearly free towing of our old van.

Thank you so much for partnering with Jesus in changing the lives of people around the world and in providing for our family’s well-being!


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I thought the way I was living was normal, but it’s NOT!

God is changing the lives of people around the world because of your partnership with us. Thank you! Here is one thing God has done because of you:

campfireEmily, a Cru staff member in Southeast Ohio, sat behind the large, barn-like building known as the ARC, shivering slightly in the mid-October chill. The faint sounds of worship music wafted through an open door nearby. To her right sat Chloe, a freshman at Ohio University. Tears ran down Chloe’s face as she smoothed a crumpled piece of paper in her lap, thinking hard about what she wanted to say.

Emily met Chloe at the beginning of the semester, but after that initial meeting had not seen her at any Cru events. The lure of “college life” had caught her. To Emily’s surprise, Chloe attended the Cru Fall Retreat. Emily’s invitation, which she thought had been rejected, was accepted!

On Saturday night, Chloe grabbed Emily’s arm and asked if they could talk privately – right now.

So, there they sat as Chloe spilled out what had happened in her life recently. She showed Emily the paper from the Women’s Event, which had occurred earlier that day. It listed a range of statements such as “I’ve cried myself to sleep,” “I’ve regretted how much I’ve drank,” “I’ve gossiped about another woman behind her back,” etc… During the activity, the women checked off statements that were true for them. Their responses were then shared anonymously with the group. The intention was to show each woman that she was not alone in her struggles and sins – but for Chloe, it had a different effect.

“I checked almost ALL of this. I thought the way I was living was normal, but it’s NOT! I have to change.” She looked at Emily, choking back tears. “I can’t keep doing this. I want to start living for Christ again…” The unspoken question of “What do I do now?” hung heavy in the air.

“Chloe,” Emily said, “Let’s pray! Let’s not let this moment get away! Let’s pray right now!” Emily couldn’t hold back the excitement in her voice as she watched a student she had prayed for by name experiencing the moment of life change Emily had begged the Lord to create.

Continuing Your Impact…

This is one way we get to be a part of changing lives for Christ all over the world. Our work at Cru’s World Headquarters enables Cru missionaries in over 190 countries around the world to reach those around them. As missionaries like Emily minister to others, they are freed from the burden of having to navigate complex financial systems. Instead, they can focus on people like Chloe. What happened on a retreat in southern Ohio this past fall is happening all over the world because of your continued generosity and prayers.

Thank you! Our deep appreciation for you is unwavering. We are grateful to Jesus for you!

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