Unexpected Turnouts

Over 250 students fill out spiritual interest surveys at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee while waiting for free cheese curds provided by a ministry partner food truck. This is the largest Cru outreach ever on this campus!

Trey, Cru staff member at Virginia Tech, waited nervously inside the doors of the Squires Colonial, site of Cru’s on-campus meeting. This first meeting of the fall would be a good indication of what Jesus might do on campus this year.

Doors opened at 7:50 pm and students flooded in. About 575 students packed that first meeting—the largest in nearly a decade.

Meanwhile, at Texas Tech, twenty-five freshmen showed up for a Thursday morning Bible Study during freshmen orientation. They returned the next morning, bringing friends.

As the students discussed Mark 4 in the dining hall, Edwin walked by. Someone asked, “Are you looking for the Cru Bible Study?” “Not specifically,” he responded, “but can I join?” He was looking for a community that would encourage his relationship with Jesus.

At the University of Georgia, campus ministry staff members from a variety of Christian ministries gathered to pray and worship before the fall semester began. Many of those ministries are seeing tremendous growth from previous years.

One hundred-seventy-five freshmen came to the freshmen kickoff Bible Study—double the previous year! They ran out of pizza, bought more, then ran out again. On the same night at UGA, another ministry gathered hundreds of freshmen and a third ran out of tacos at their freshmen taco evening.

Jesus is gathering larger than expected groups of students on college campuses around the US.

Thank you for partnering with us as our behind-the-scenes service enables Cru campus staff members to reach students.

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Encouraging Cru Staff

A glimpse of five thousand Cru Staff members gathered together.

For the first time in three years over 5,000 Cru staff members were able to meet together in the same room. This was an encouragement to Cru staff members who often minister in small teams and can become unsure if their ministry is making a difference.

This time was so encouraging to me as I got to catch up with colleagues from across the county and hear stories about God moving in the lives of teenagers.” – A Cru High School Staff Member

“[The Conference] was amazing! I came back feeling very refreshed and excited about what the Lord is doing around the world. I also got to meet some staff friends that I had only met virtually!” – A Cru Campus Staff Member

“It was an awesome time to see staff I haven’t seen for years, as well as getting refueled with passion and vision for our mission.” – A Cru Athletes in Action Staff Member

The conference has been fantastic. We have been reminded about the goodness of Christ and the vision for the strategic nature of reaching college students.” – A Cru Campus Staff Member

We were encouraged and challenged by the speakers. Nate also helped with the conference finances and setup. Kim helped provide childcare so parents could attend the main meetings without distraction.

Micah and Isaiah both participated in the High School program. This included great speakers, fun field trips, challenging seminars, and a Water Walk Challenge to raise money to build wells in areas without adequate drinking water.

Thank you for your partnership with us! You are an encouragement to us. We are grateful for you!

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Family Update

We are always excited about God’s work in people’s lives. Here are some updates about three of our favorite people: our boys.

Joah (on the left) and his friend, Julian, won the Florida State Championship in their event.

Joah graduated from high school this spring. For the past few years, he has rowed with a local crew team.

In April, Joah and his friend, Julian, won the Florida youth rowing state championship in the pair. They were fifth in the Southeast regionals and twenty-third nationally. We are grateful for the strength and perseverance he has developed through rowing.

In late June, Joah began college at the United States Military Academy at West Point. While we miss having him home, we are excited to see what God has in his future!

Micah (third from right) with his robotics team ‘Exploding Bacon’ at Orlando Regionals.
Isaiah is also in Exploding Bacon and enjoys archery on the side.

This year Micah and Isaiah both joined Exploding Bacon FRC #1902, a robotics team. The team competed at the FRC World Championship. We are impressed with First Robotics’ emphasis on “gracious professionalism” and “coopertition” – cooperation in competition.

Micah, a junior, jumped into learning about CAD and robot mechanics.

Isaiah, a freshman, enjoyed learning about robot electronics.

Both were challenged to think creatively to solve unexpected issues.

We are thankful each boy can explore their own interests. God has uniquely made them.

Our family might be running in many different directions, but we still make time to play games together and to have fun.

Thank you for your partnership with us! You are part of our ministry and family. We are grateful for you!

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