A Mortgage to Meet Jesus

Participants in the South Asian track at a Cru Bridges Conference.

What would you do to learn about Jesus?

In June, Thad, a Cru Bridges staff member, had lunch with Sai, a grad student from India, with the hope of sharing the gospel. Sai shared that he did not want to come to the US to study. He had told his dad that it would be much cheaper to study at a university in India.

His dad finally admitted his real reason for pushing Sai to study in the US. Not only did he want him to learn about digital engineering, he also wanted Sai to learn about America and from Americans. “I especially want you to learn about Christianity. Christianity has been around for 2,000 years, so there must be something to it. Find out what that is and bring that back. We can’t learn that here.”

With that, Sai’s father took out a second mortgage, paid Sai’s tuition and flew him to Arizona!

Faithful to his father’s commission, Sai attended a Bridges Christmas outreach where he heard parts of the gospel. He met Christians and even visited church a few times, but he did not understand the gospel. Thad helped him to better understand.

Over lunch, Thad asked Sai if he had heard that Jesus died for our sins. He had. He asked Sai if he understood what that means and how Jesus’ death helps us. Sai admitted that he did not understand.

Even though Sai is not yet ready to believe in Jesus, he was excited that Thad helped him understand the core of Christianity.

Nate’s team serves Bridges behind the scenes. Your partnership is changing the lives of students and parents around the world. Thank you!

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Serving Athletes at All Levels

Estonian distance runner, Tiidrek Nurme, and Cru Athletes in Action staff member, Nick.

What do an Estonian runner, high school hockey players, and a collegiate football player have in common? All of them are mentored by a Cru staff member serving with Athletes in Action (AIA), Cru’s ministry to athletes.

Tiidrek Nurme is a runner who holds his nation’s records in the 1500 and 3000 meters. He is Estonia’s current athlete of the year and will compete in the 2021 Olympics for the third time. He recently sought out Nick, an AIA staff member, for mentoring as he seeks to represent Jesus on the track.

Mark, AIA staff member in Michigan, has provided spiritual guidance for USA U18 Hockey Team members the past two years. As they head to college teams, these young men remarked on their time:

“I finally understand what it means to have a relationship with God.”

“I’m a better athlete and man because of what I’ve learned.”

“The things I’ve learned impact me on & off the ice.”

Zion, a member of the Boston College football team, is mentored by AIA staff member Benjamin. There are 100 young men on the BC football team. They notice a difference in Zion. There are surface level things like not drinking, partying, or “hooking up.”

The younger guys are especially drawn to his wisdom, warmth, and joy.  The past few months Zion has been the one many are confiding in about the things which truly matter. He enthusiastically tells them who is number one in his own life.

One of Nate’s teammates serves AIA behind the scenes. Nate also works closely with them. Your partnership is changing the lives of athletes around the world. Thank you!

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Contracts and Jesus

How can people impact the world when they serve behind the scenes with Cru? You may have asked that question; Nate certainly has.

Since January, Nate has been leading a team to improve Cru’s process for managing contracts.

FamilyLife, Cru’s ministry to families, typically has over 50 marriage conferences and other events each year. Each conference venue requires a contract.

The Jesus Film, Cru’s film ministry, has numerous partners who request to use or translate films into new languages each year. Each request requires a contract.

Cru’s Campus Ministry organizes about 100 mission trips each year for college students. Cru staff locate safe housing for the students so they can minister to the community around them without distraction. Each housing location requires a contract.

Managing all these contracts takes time. Nate’s team estimates that improving Cru’s contracting process may save Cru 30,000 hours annually.

That is time that can be invested in families, Jesus Film partners, and college students. Time for evangelism, discipleship and sending people on mission to the world.

Your partnership enables Nate to free up Cru staff for ministry instead of paperwork. And your partnership is helping Cru to be an even better steward of the money and people that Jesus has entrusted to Cru for evangelism and discipleship.

Thank you! You are making a difference.

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