Exciting Language Progress

Watching the Jesus Film in their ‘heart language.”

Lately Nate has been helping Cru’s Jesus Film ministry with behind-the-scenes financial logistics so our field staff can work without distraction.

The Jesus Film seeks to record the story of Jesus as told in the book of Luke for each language and people group. We want every person to hear or read about Jesus in their own language.

There are about 2,400 languages in the world with more than 50,000 native speakers. Five years ago, we made it our goal to record the remaining 865 languages by 2025. Now we have about 500 left. We are pioneering new methods to increase the speed of translation while maintaining Biblical accuracy. You can learn more here.

These languages represent groups of people who haven’t heard Jesus speak in their native tongue.

Recording the Jesus Film in each new language requires teams of staff to find voice actors and record the script in the language. This means travel, often to remote locations. These days travel also means Covid tests. Nate helps our staff stay on the field by helping them navigate the systems and finances for these tests. 

Recently a Jesus Film staff member told Nate that the many tests and vaccinations would deter him from recording if he didn’t have a way to reimburse the cost.

We want to help our staff remain in the field recording new languages. We want those who speak these 500 languages to hear the story of Jesus in their own language. Someday, in heaven, we look forward to meeting all those you helped impact.

Nate has joined a new team within Cru which helps Cru better steward God’s money and people entrusted to Cru.

Currently the team goes by the humble name The Center for Excellence. This new team will streamline Cru’s behind the scenes systems to reduce costs and increase effectiveness.

These behind-the-scenes systems are like the offensive line on a football team. When they work well together, the rest of the team benefits; when they don’t, the team suffers.

These systems keep Cru staff members in the field, so they can share the gospel effectively without distraction.

Thank you for being a part of changing lives around the world!

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Abandoned to Found

Cleaning an abandoned park so children can play.

In Romania God used students who love Him to impact a poor neighborhood and college students who don’t yet know Him.

Cru staff members in Romania recently had a week long “Mission Camp” for students involved in Cru. On the first day they cleaned an abandoned park in a poor neighborhood. They used Facebook and Instagram ads to invite other students to join them. Twelve came! These twelve did not know Jesus yet.

Some students cleaned. Others invited neighborhood children to come to the evening. Still others planned kids’ games.

Nearly 100 children came to the cleaned-up park that evening. They played games and, when they were tired, watched an eight-minute version of the Jesus Film for Children. One of the Cru staff members shared the gospel. The kids left with school supplies and candy.

The Cru staff planned on mentoring the Cru students in evangelism and leading campus ministries the rest of the week. The students who didn’t yet know Jesus also wanted to be mentored and they wanted to invite their friends.

The next day the 12 non-Christians had grown to 15. They continued to participate throughout the week. They played games in the evening and sang Christmas carols (in September) because everyone knew the lyrics. By the end of the week, two had accepted Jesus!

Afterward one Cru student said, “This week gave me the courage to talk to other people and to share the Gospel with friends and strangers also.”

Thank you for being a part of changing the lives of students all around the world!

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Emergency Aid Opportunity

Hurricane Ida bears down on the Louisiana coast.

Crazy, challenging, fun—those were the three words Scott Peterson, Unto’s Program Manager, used to describe his scouting trip to Louisiana after the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

Unto, the humanitarian aid arm of Cru, has already delivered truckloads of water and food to people in two hard-hit communities. Additional teams will help with further aid distribution, tarping roofs and clean-up efforts in the coming weeks.

Crazy—because Unto was on the ground within days of Hurricane Ida’s passing.

Challenging—because helping people recover from the devastation of “one of the strongest storms to ever hit Louisiana” requires both resources and logistical knowledge.

Fun—because providing care to those who are hurting is part of what Jesus calls His followers to do. Living in that calling is fun, even in the midst of crazy and challenging.

Not only is Unto helping the people of Louisiana, but they are also preparing to welcome the wave of refugees from Afghanistan. Some of this is through “Survival Kits” which provide nutritious meals, water filters and tarps for emergency shelters. Unto may also play a role in helping Afghanis settle in the United States.

You can help relieve suffering. Give Survival Kits to help Afghani and other refugees. Give to help victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and natural disasters in other locations.

If you are more of a hands on person, you may be able to volunteer with Hurricane Ida clean-up. Contact us and we will connect you to Unto’s Quick Response Team Coordinator.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. We are grateful for you!

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