Life Change Through Families


Nate was recently at FamilyLife’s headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was there to help them improve their financial processes.

FamilyLife is a ministry of Cru that equips couples with practical, scripture-based approaches to real-world issues through conferences, broadcasts, and resources.

96% of couples attending a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conference say it greatly improved their marriage. The average attendee says their marriage went from a 4 to an 8 in just one weekend!

The April Weekend to Remember Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan was attended by 579 people. Of those, 148 recommitted their lives to Jesus and 14 began following Jesus!

A couple married one year said, “We were hopeless when we came this weekend. We struggled to communicate and isolation was rampant. This weekend broke something in us! Divorce is no longer on the table!”

Another couple married 33 years commented, “Our marriage had been in decline for many years due to unresolved hurt which turned into bitterness. Trying to fix things alone had not ‘fixed’ things so we needed help! This was just what we needed right now.”

We are grateful for you. With 95 locations, there is probably a Weekend to Remember Conference close to you. Learn more at:


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Ivory Coast Multiplication

Craig Drissa Meeting

Drissa* might seem an unlikely evangelist. He grew up Muslim.

In the spring of 2017 Cru staff members hosted a training for Ivory Coast student volunteers. One day training attendees were seeking students excited to introduce others on their campuses to Jesus.

They met Drissa and learned he had recently become a Christian, although he wasn’t yet active in his faith. They challenged him to find a Christian mentor—introducing him to Craig, a Cru staff member—and to reach his campus for Jesus.

The past two years Drissa has tracked his own spiritual impact on his Ivory Coast university. Recently, he recorded the following stats for a two week period:

  • Students challenged to more involvement —27
  • Yes to coaching—3
  • Yes to Bible Study—5
  • Went to Bible Study—3
  • Heard the gospel—3

Not content to simply look back, Drissa also wrote the following goals:

  1. Start 2 new Bible Studies.
  2. Challenge 20 students to evangelism training.
  3. Share gospel with 10 more students.

Drissa was just baptized this past Easter!

Your partnership enables us to serve Cru staff like Craig as they coach students like Drissa. You are making a difference in the lives of students all around the world! Thank you!

If you would like to learn more about Craig and his family’s ministry with Cru in Ivory Coast watch this 3 minute video.

* Named changed for security reasons.


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Building Bridges in Hershey, PA

GAiN Packing

International students pack boxes of food for refugees in the Middle East
at the GAiN Warehouse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Hershey, PA, near Lancaster Amish Country, is home to the company known for chocolate kisses. It’s also just down the road from GAiN headquarters.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the humanitarian relief arm of Cru. GAiN seeks to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal hope through food, agriculture, clean water, and critical aid. Meeting these basic needs opens the door for the gospel.

This spring break international students involved with Cru traveled from Philadelphia and New York City to the GAiN head-quarters. Some knew Jesus and some were merely curious about Him.

They toured Hershey’s Chocolate World, visited an Amish farm, and packed boxes of food, clothes, and school supplies for refugees at the GAiN headquarters.

Some students from Thailand, India and China were just beginning to connect with believers. One night they heard Christians share their experience of following Jesus.

This raised many questions: “How can you know God exists?” “Why did Jesus have to die?” “Do you discount my real struggles just because of some ‘future hope’?’”

A team leader noted, “In a natural, organic way, each of our students heard the gospel at least once per day during this trip!”

Nate is helping GAiN with finances so GAiN staff can better minister to the world. This time the world came to GAiN. Thank you for helping make this possible!


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