A Box Brings Hope

Cru Inner City Warehouse

Cru Inner City warehouse (New York City): Packing Homeless Care Kits containing an emergency blanket, gloves, a hat, a scarf, warm socks, a hygiene kit, a snack and a book sharing God’s love.

Geneva* felt forgotten and embarrassed. She was grieving.

Her mom had become ill needing constant care.

Geneva stepped in to care for her mother. With little financial reserves she fell into economic hardship. Then, her mom died.

When she had been excelling financially, she had gone to church. Now Geneva felt she couldn’t contribute, so she stopped attending church. In fact, she hadn’t attended in years.

Not knowing this, local church members knocked on her door with a Box of Love.

Every Thanksgiving Cru Inner City partners with churches around the United States to give away Boxes of Love containing a complete Thanksgiving dinner for six and a booklet sharing the love of Jesus.

Geneva eagerly stepped out to speak with the church members. God’s timing was perfect, as she only had fifty cents left.

She was ashamed of her poverty, and she hadn’t told anyone that she was in great need.

As they shared with her about Jesus, Geneva expressed familiarity with Him but not a certainty of faith. The group reminded her that God is still there. Geneva began to cry.

Sharlyn, one of the church members, embraced her in a hug. Today, Sharlyn continues to check in with Geneva. She continues to build their friendship and hopes Geneva will visit her church soon, in spite of Geneva’s shame.

Thank you for partnering with us! As we serve behind the scenes, Cru staff and their church partners are able to meet women like Geneva. Your partnership is changing lives!

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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Helping Leaders Lead

nate teammates

Some of Nate’s teammates closely examine reports in preparation for a meeting with Cru’s CFO.

Is it possible for the formatting of a financial report to hold back ministry? Can a financial process prevent a person from hearing about Jesus?

Cru is one of the largest Christian non-profits in the United States. With over 20 ministries under the Cru umbrella there are many people and financial resources to manage.

Nate’s team helps Cru leaders focus on data instead of being distracted by report formatting. This helps leaders more easily identify areas of ministry praise or concern.

Nate recently met with Campus Ministry financial leaders to identify issues they have with Cru’s financial processes.

Cru’s Campus Ministry seeks to introduce students and faculty to Jesus on high school and college campuses throughout the US and around the world.

Nate developed visual representations of the steps taken to accomplish three financial processes. He then had them record the issues they had with each process. In 45 minutes these leaders listed over 100 issues hindering ministry!

Now that these issues are known Nate’s team can eliminate the worst of them, helping leaders be more effective and efficient.

Your financial and prayer partnership enables us to minister to Cru leaders. These leaders can then minister to other Cru staff who are freed to reach others.

Thank you for making Cru even more effective in introducing people to Jesus!


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European Discipleship

Movement Builder

Movement Builder School attendees use their smartphones to listen to live translations of the content.

What do you do if your credit card stops working? If you are like me, you call your credit card company and ask them to fix the problem.

This past year, many Cru staff outside the US became unable to access money for ministry. In some cases, their Cru business credit cards stopped working in the middle of large training conferences.

Nate helped research, analyze and fix this problem so international Cru staff members continue to have access to funds for evangelism and discipleship.

Cru staff members in Europe recently held a Movement Builders School in Strasbourg, France for German and French students. Christianity in Europe has been on the decline largely due to a lack of discipleship. This school equips young believers to disciple new believers.

Aurélie, a student from Rennes, France, attended even though she became a Christian within the past year. She practiced sharing the Gospel and now she is leading a movement of students in her city.

Other students said, “I was especially excited by the German-French combination. God works worldwide and beyond all country borders,” and, “I realized that it’s simple to share my faith with other students; I just need to pray and then go for it.”

Your partnership is helping Cru staff members reach the world with the good news of God’s love for them. Through you, Cru staff members are able to make the purchases necessary for the Movement Builders School and other conferences. Thank you for making a difference!



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