Caring for Professors

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students say thank you.
“Teach from Home” care packages delivered to New York University professors.

After a year of teaching via Zoom, many professors need encouragement. Cru staff members with Faculty Commons are creatively facilitating expressions of thankfulness from students.

Students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo thanked over fifty of their professors via one minute videos. They told their professors things like, “I just wanted to encourage you and say that you’re doing an amazing job with these lectures. I know that you work really hard, posting them at 2am! Thank you so much!” and, “I’ve learned so much being in your class. All the work you’ve done is so appreciated; it really shows you care about your students.”

Professors responded enthusiastically, “Wow – I’ve been teaching at Cal Poly for 16 years and have never experienced such a meaningful thank you.” and, “I seriously got tears in my eyes watching your video — that was one of the most special things ever!

At New York University, Cru staff members invited Cru students to write digital thank you notes to their professors. The Cru staff members emailed each professor for their home address. Seventy-five professors received care packages with student thank you notes and goodies. They were also invited to virtual round tables: God and the Human Mind and Living & Dying in the Time of Covid.”

Faculty Commons is a ministry of Cru that helps grad students and professors walk with Jesus. While students leave campus to share Jesus with the world, professors remain on campus to reach the next generation of students.

Thank you for caring for both students and faculty on college campuses!

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Hungry for Community

Whether they are in a Zoom Room, a Blanket Bible Study, an outdoor weekly gathering, or a Masked Meeting, students continue to connect and reach their campuses for Jesus.

Makayla, a sophomore at San Francisco State University, had a dream last January. She dreamt all the African American students on her campus were worshipping together. She and a Cru staff member immediately planned to launch Impact, Cru’s contextualized ministry for African American students. Then Covid-19 arrived. What was God doing?

Returning to campus this fall Makayla started an Impact Instagram and reached out to her campus. Ten students came to the first meeting! The staff member says, “Looking back, I think starting Impact via Zoom has actually been easier and more effective than it would have been in person.”

Sam is a freshman at the University of Kentucky. The first time he heard the gospel this fall he exclaimed, “This is the best news ever!”

Jacob, a student at Illinois State University, told his mom about his plans to become a missionary overseas after graduation. His mom saw how excited he was and asked, “Can you tell me about Jesus, too?”

Anna, a Cru staff member with Impact, wasn’t planning on visiting Western Illinois University, but an African American church asked her to help lead a Bible study after they had over 1,000 freshman express interest!

These are just a few of the many stories we could share. Students are hungry for community. That need is being met in Jesus. Thank you for your part in changing the lives of students around the US!

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Teachers Reach the World

Ninety teachers from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia
meet south of Moscow to learn about Christian school curricula and tools prior to Covid-19.

In the face of the global pandemic, many teachers have transitioned from classrooms to online platforms. This has led to new opportunities to share the gospel.

Cru’s International School Project (ISP) provides educational resources, connects teachers, and equips them to leave a lasting impact for Jesus on their students, their co-workers, and their society.

This past school year, Irina, a teacher in Russia, met with the parents of her students once a month. She used ISP’s Shaping Your Child’s Future curriculum to teach parents how to restore their authority in the home and develop practical parenting skills.

Irina continues to meet parents weekly. She sees these online gatherings as an opportunity to draw parents’ attention to God.

Teachers in Zaoksky, Russia recently formed a Teacher’s Community. They meet monthly to discuss spiritual and professional topics.

They also introduce other teachers in their district to ISP’s Dream Makers—Dream Breakers curriculum. This curriculum engages students in discussions about promiscuity and drug and alcohol abuse through the stories of three students and their grandmothers.

At a July outdoor teacher training in Albania, Lediana told an ISP staff member, “For quite some time, God has put on my heart to minister to teachers. Now that I’ve heard about your ministry, I want to volunteer. How can I participate?”

Cru’s International School Project is just one of the many ministries that my team serves at Cru Headquarters. Thank you for your part in changing the lives of teachers, parents and students around the world!

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