European Discipleship

Movement Builder

Movement Builder School attendees use their smartphones to listen to live translations of the content.

What do you do if your credit card stops working? If you are like me, you call your credit card company and ask them to fix the problem.

This past year, many Cru staff outside the US became unable to access money for ministry. In some cases, their Cru business credit cards stopped working in the middle of large training conferences.

Nate helped research, analyze and fix this problem so international Cru staff members continue to have access to funds for evangelism and discipleship.

Cru staff members in Europe recently held a Movement Builders School in Strasbourg, France for German and French students. Christianity in Europe has been on the decline largely due to a lack of discipleship. This school equips young believers to disciple new believers.

Aurélie, a student from Rennes, France, attended even though she became a Christian within the past year. She practiced sharing the Gospel and now she is leading a movement of students in her city.

Other students said, “I was especially excited by the German-French combination. God works worldwide and beyond all country borders,” and, “I realized that it’s simple to share my faith with other students; I just need to pray and then go for it.”

Your partnership is helping Cru staff members reach the world with the good news of God’s love for them. Through you, Cru staff members are able to make the purchases necessary for the Movement Builders School and other conferences. Thank you for making a difference!



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An Audience of One


An athlete participates in Athletes in Action’s Ultimate Training Camp

This fall, Nate has been helping Athletes in Action (AIA) determine how they can be even better stewards of the money God has entrusted to them for evangelism and discipleship.

AIA, a ministry of Cru, strives to see Christ-followers on every team, in every nation, in every sport—from high school to professional.

This past fall, Jesus has been opening doors for ministry at the University of Connecticut.

So far, the AIA staff at UConn have been able to connect with the women’s cross country team, the men’s track and field team, the women’s crew team, the men’s club lacrosse team, and the men’s and women’s swim teams.

Currently there are three Bible studies for athletes on the UConn campus.

Please pray for Maggie, a junior member of the UConn crew team. Nearly 20 of Maggie’s teammates have expressed interest in an investigative Bible study!

Because so many UConn women’s basketball players play in the WNBA, the UConn AIA staff are frequently asked to lead WNBA chapels before games. These chapels are 10 minutes long and may not seem worth the effort.

However, a WNBA mother recently said, “When I go to my daughter’s apartment, I see the reading material and devotionals she brings back from chapel on her kitchen table next to her Bible.  Please tell the chaplains that what they do makes a difference.”

You are making a difference in the lives of athletes! Thank you!


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Transitions and Prayer Requests

Back to School.png

As back to school season is upon us we are so thankful for you! Thank you for partnering with us to reach students and other people around the world. We are so grateful that you pray for us every month!

We are slowly making the transition from our summer schedule back to the structure of the school year. Perhaps you are also experiencing your own transition.

Could we pray for you?

Please take a quick moment to reply with a prayer request or two. We would count it a joy to pray with you.

Happy transitions,

Nate and Kim Signature

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