Emergency Aid Opportunity

Hurricane Ida bears down on the Louisiana coast.

Crazy, challenging, fun—those were the three words Scott Peterson, Unto’s Program Manager, used to describe his scouting trip to Louisiana after the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

Unto, the humanitarian aid arm of Cru, has already delivered truckloads of water and food to people in two hard-hit communities. Additional teams will help with further aid distribution, tarping roofs and clean-up efforts in the coming weeks.

Crazy—because Unto was on the ground within days of Hurricane Ida’s passing.

Challenging—because helping people recover from the devastation of “one of the strongest storms to ever hit Louisiana” requires both resources and logistical knowledge.

Fun—because providing care to those who are hurting is part of what Jesus calls His followers to do. Living in that calling is fun, even in the midst of crazy and challenging.

Not only is Unto helping the people of Louisiana, but they are also preparing to welcome the wave of refugees from Afghanistan. Some of this is through “Survival Kits” which provide nutritious meals, water filters and tarps for emergency shelters. Unto may also play a role in helping Afghanis settle in the United States.

You can help relieve suffering. Give Survival Kits to help Afghani and other refugees. Give to help victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and natural disasters in other locations.

If you are more of a hands on person, you may be able to volunteer with Hurricane Ida clean-up. Contact us and we will connect you to Unto’s Quick Response Team Coordinator.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. We are grateful for you!

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An Ozark Difference

A student shares his testimony during dinner on the Ozark Lakes Summer Mission Trip.

Over the summer Covid relaxed enough that students from Cru were able to go on summer mission trips again.

During Cru Summer Mission Trips, students study the Bible together. They share their faith. They are mentored.

Dylan became a Christian just last spring. He attended the Ozark Lakes Summer Mission Trip in Branson, Missouri. He got a job on the boardwalk there.

After a rough night’s sleep, Dylan awoke drained physically, mentally and emotionally. He considered not going to work that day.

However, he realized God didn’t want him to lie or try to get out of work. So he prayed, “Lord I’m tired. You know how I feel. I don’t want to be in control or live for myself anymore. I want you to be in control. Take control of my body and life, take over my legs, use my lips and my tongue.”

Loren worked at Silver Dollar City. She wanted to rest during her short lunch break, but she remembered God put her there to talk with her coworkers. Loren asked her Bible Study to pray for the courage and energy to use her break more purposefully.

The next day on Loren’s lunch break Sherrie, a coworker, confided that finding a church was harder than she expected. It was affecting her faith. Loren invited her to church. Both Sherrie and her husband attended that Sunday!

Back on campus Loren is motivated to initiate. She said, “I’m sure students on my campus want to eat with someone! That wasn’t on my radar before, but if God has called me to live life on mission, that’s something I can do anywhere.”

Cru Summer Mission Trips make a difference, and you are part of making this difference! Thank you!

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A Mortgage to Meet Jesus

Participants in the South Asian track at a Cru Bridges Conference.

What would you do to learn about Jesus?

In June, Thad, a Cru Bridges staff member, had lunch with Sai, a grad student from India, with the hope of sharing the gospel. Sai shared that he did not want to come to the US to study. He had told his dad that it would be much cheaper to study at a university in India.

His dad finally admitted his real reason for pushing Sai to study in the US. Not only did he want him to learn about digital engineering, he also wanted Sai to learn about America and from Americans. “I especially want you to learn about Christianity. Christianity has been around for 2,000 years, so there must be something to it. Find out what that is and bring that back. We can’t learn that here.”

With that, Sai’s father took out a second mortgage, paid Sai’s tuition and flew him to Arizona!

Faithful to his father’s commission, Sai attended a Bridges Christmas outreach where he heard parts of the gospel. He met Christians and even visited church a few times, but he did not understand the gospel. Thad helped him to better understand.

Over lunch, Thad asked Sai if he had heard that Jesus died for our sins. He had. He asked Sai if he understood what that means and how Jesus’ death helps us. Sai admitted that he did not understand.

Even though Sai is not yet ready to believe in Jesus, he was excited that Thad helped him understand the core of Christianity.

Nate’s team serves Bridges behind the scenes. Your partnership is changing the lives of students and parents around the world. Thank you!

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