Becoming Christ-centered

Joe and Jeff

Joe and Jeff came to the Wildwood Summer Project expecting God to use them.

Summer Projects are Cru summer mission trips. Attendees grow in relationship with Jesus and ministry skills.

First the brothers had to find a job. They hopped in their car to visit prospective employers. A young lady noticed them at a stop light and asked if she could have a ride to work. When they mentioned they were looking for work, she introduced them to her boss.

Jeff and Joe spent the rest of the summer intentionally bringing Jesus into their workplace. They included their fellow workers in their daily visits to the gym—modeling true friendship and biblical masculinity.

And the girl? Joe and Jeff showed Jesus to her as they spent time together. She regularly attended the weekly meetings of the Wildwood Summer Project—participating in praise and worship and hearing the Bible preached. She also spent much of her free time hanging around the Wildwood Summer Project housing.

Jeff and Joe are learning to be Christ-centered laborers wherever they go.

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