Sharing Jesus in a Facebook “Neighborhood”

Imagine sharing the story of God’s work in your life with 258 of your closest friends in just a couple of mouse clicks. At Epicenter I (Nate) got to record students as they shared a three-minute version of their story of God’s work in their life.  We encouraged them to post these videos to Facebook so their Facebook friends could watch their stories.

Jesse is one of these students. We happen to go to the same church.

After the conference, I talked with Jesse at church. He had recorded his story so he could post it to Facebook, but then he received the link to the video. Suddenly he wasn’t so sure. What if his friends didn’t like it? What if his friends didn’t like him? Would his story really make a difference?

Jesse realized he was acting in fear rather than faith. He posted his video to Facebook. And his friends began to comment:

“Thank you [Jesse] for sharing what you did! You blessed me so much! Keep on sharing, ’cause I know you will bless and encourage so many others.”

“God is amazing. He isn’t finished with you yet. Thanks for sharing your story, really appreciate you.”

“Amen! Wow Jesse, God has some BIG things in store for you. You’re going to touch and change MANY lives. Get ready!”

“You got big vegetables putting your testimony on Facebook like this Jesse, I’m proud of you man. Most dudes would be scared to do this.”

“I’ve put on the new nature of righteousness. I have in my spirit the incorruptible life of God. This new life is in every cell of my blood, every bone of my body, and in every fiber of my being! Today, I walk in the reality of the new life of righteousness which I’ve received in Christ. Amen.”

Jesse is seeing God use his story through this small step of faith. His faith is encouraging others to be more bold, too.

Please ask God to use these students’ stories in the lives of their Facebook friends.

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