Spring Break Influencers

Just a few Cru students on Tribeca Spring Break Week 2

Just a few Cru students on Tribeca Spring Break Week 2

What do you think of when you hear the words, “Spring Break?” Wild parties on the beach? Drunken students in Cancun?

Instead of going to the beach, students from the South crossed cultural and regional barriers to share Jesus in New York City.

“I expected most people to identify as Christian. I quickly realized I was no longer in the Bible Belt. Everyone I talked to was either Jewish or didn’t identify with a religion. I learned so much about other people, and my faith was strengthened. My experience was completely different than in North Carolina. It was amazing.”

“I shared my faith with a Muslim for the first time. I learned they have respect for the Bible and Jesus. She didn’t want the tract I was sharing to touch the ground because it contained the Word of God. Students in New York City were really open when we asked them spiritual questions. Lots of people in the South are closed off about Jesus if they don’t believe, so this was very encouraging.”

These are a just two of the many stories that could be told!

You are helping to make a difference in the lives of students. Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

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