From the Smokies to Mongolia


Students learn about cross-cultural ministry.

This time of year students are around the U.S. and world on summer mission trips with Cru. They are growing in their own walks with Jesus and being equipped to share the gospel as a way of life.

In Gatlinburg, TN, 36 students are working and living alongside more than 1000 international students who’ve come to the Smokey Mountains to work for the summer.

Cru is hosting “cultural exchange parties” in Gatlinburg this summer. Over 70 international students from countries like Thailand, Serbia, Mongolia and Russia have come to each party.

One young woman from Mongolia said she wants to know Jesus more! She met with the Cru students to watch the Jesus Film in Mongolian.

We are also encouraged by the things Cru students have learned:

“[God’s] been showing me that there are these parts of my life that I haven’t given over to Him yet.”

“I’ve been learning so much during our individual Bible Study time.”

“I didn’t realize just how God wants me to rely on Him.”

We are so grateful to be working behind the scenes to make things like this possible. Thank you for joining us! Together we are playing a part in reaching the nations!


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