Sometimes they come to us

2017.03 International Students

A Cru student meets an international student at the University of New Hampshire.

“You are loved, no matter where you’re from,” was the theme of the International Student Appreciation night Cru students hosted recently at the University of New Hampshire.

Jesus has invited us to take the gospel to the nations! One of many ways we can do that is by befriending and loving international students who come to the US to study.

About 180 international students joined those UNH students for games and conversation and food.

One woman said, “This is the first time an American has spoken to me all year!”

Relationships have continued as they have met on campus for coffee and dinner.

Please join us in praying that these friendships will continue and that students will learn that God loves them no matter where they are from!

Across the country in Champaign, Illinois, Cru staff are befriending international students, too.

Lauren chatted with Ann, a student from China. She invited Ann to come for dinner at her house that night even though she expected excuses. However Ann came! She met other international students and then joined them in their weekly Bible study.

They gather on Tuesday evenings to investigate Jesus together. There are 5 girls who come regularly and another 5 girls and a couple guys who sometimes come.

Please join us in praying that each would come to know Jesus personally!

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