What happens when they leave?



Lucy is an international student preparing to graduate from the University of Michigan. This is her story…

Originally from Vietnam, I was born and raised in a non-Christian family. When I came to the U.S. in 2011, a friend invited me to Bible study.

I learned about God and saw how important He was to my friend. This made me very curious. I left for grad school in Michigan, where I got involved with GradCru and a local church even though I was not a Christian.

It wasn’t until Easter 2016, that the Gospel became clear to me. I finally understood the God of the universe wanted a relationship with me.

Over the past year, my walk with Jesus has been amazing. He has blessed me with a loving spiritual family in GradCru to strengthen my faith in Him.

Studying God’s word and worshipping Him with others has strengthened my dependence on the Holy Spirit.

When I feel discouraged in my studies or in reaching out to students in my classes, His grace enables me not to give up. This can only be supernatural because I would not have the strength otherwise.

I attended an international student conference with Cru last December. There God planted a vision to minister to international students in the U.S.

When I go back to Vietnam, I want to be His ambassador to my family and to the Vietnamese people. I look forward to my family and friends joining me in Jesus’ eternal kingdom.

Many Christians cared for Lucy over many years before she became a Christian. Our work behind the scenes helps Cru staff members build these long-term relationships. Thank you for making this possible. You are part of changing lives around the world!


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