Helping Leaders Lead

nate teammates

Some of Nate’s teammates closely examine reports in preparation for a meeting with Cru’s CFO.

Is it possible for the formatting of a financial report to hold back ministry? Can a financial process prevent a person from hearing about Jesus?

Cru is one of the largest Christian non-profits in the United States. With over 20 ministries under the Cru umbrella there are many people and financial resources to manage.

Nate’s team helps Cru leaders focus on data instead of being distracted by report formatting. This helps leaders more easily identify areas of ministry praise or concern.

Nate recently met with Campus Ministry financial leaders to identify issues they have with Cru’s financial processes.

Cru’s Campus Ministry seeks to introduce students and faculty to Jesus on high school and college campuses throughout the US and around the world.

Nate developed visual representations of the steps taken to accomplish three financial processes. He then had them record the issues they had with each process. In 45 minutes these leaders listed over 100 issues hindering ministry!

Now that these issues are known Nate’s team can eliminate the worst of them, helping leaders be more effective and efficient.

Your financial and prayer partnership enables us to minister to Cru leaders. These leaders can then minister to other Cru staff who are freed to reach others.

Thank you for making Cru even more effective in introducing people to Jesus!


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