Life Change Through Families


Nate was recently at FamilyLife’s headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was there to help them improve their financial processes.

FamilyLife is a ministry of Cru that equips couples with practical, scripture-based approaches to real-world issues through conferences, broadcasts, and resources.

96% of couples attending a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conference say it greatly improved their marriage. The average attendee says their marriage went from a 4 to an 8 in just one weekend!

The April Weekend to Remember Conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan was attended by 579 people. Of those, 148 recommitted their lives to Jesus and 14 began following Jesus!

A couple married one year said, “We were hopeless when we came this weekend. We struggled to communicate and isolation was rampant. This weekend broke something in us! Divorce is no longer on the table!”

Another couple married 33 years commented, “Our marriage had been in decline for many years due to unresolved hurt which turned into bitterness. Trying to fix things alone had not ‘fixed’ things so we needed help! This was just what we needed right now.”

We are grateful for you. With 95 locations, there is probably a Weekend to Remember Conference close to you. Learn more at:


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