Fall Highlights

Disney Fall Retreat

Disney interns at the Cru Disney Fall Retreat.


Have you ever had another person completely miss what you are saying? In an effort to better serve Cru staff, Cru’s Financial Services Group is going through a series on communication called “I said this you heard that.”

After only two sessions of this series, Kim and I are thinking about our communication patterns differently. And we are becoming more conscious of how our “clear” statements can be easily misunderstood by others.

You can watch the videos for free by visiting https://www.isaidyouheard.study/.


Nate was recently blessed by a brief note from a friend.

“Thank-you for making the tools necessary to work with students’ credit card payments for Fall Retreats across the country.

I can’t imagine the hours you’ve saved field staff. It’s at least 150 hours just in September.”

Those are hours freed for evangelism and discipleship and for events like the Cru Disney Fall Retreat. Students from around the world intern at Disney where Cru staff help meet their spiritual, physical, relational and other needs.

Using a Hymn

One of the students from China at the Cru Disney Fall Retreat is interested in Jesus because she heard the hymn “Amazing Grace” in a Japanese Anime and thought it was beautiful. Now she is meeting with a Cru staff member at Disney to learn more about Jesus.

Thank you for making it possible for us to serve Cru staff members so they can build into students from around the world. We are so grateful for you!


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