Emergency Aid Opportunity

Hurricane Ida bears down on the Louisiana coast.

Crazy, challenging, fun—those were the three words Scott Peterson, Unto’s Program Manager, used to describe his scouting trip to Louisiana after the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

Unto, the humanitarian aid arm of Cru, has already delivered truckloads of water and food to people in two hard-hit communities. Additional teams will help with further aid distribution, tarping roofs and clean-up efforts in the coming weeks.

Crazy—because Unto was on the ground within days of Hurricane Ida’s passing.

Challenging—because helping people recover from the devastation of “one of the strongest storms to ever hit Louisiana” requires both resources and logistical knowledge.

Fun—because providing care to those who are hurting is part of what Jesus calls His followers to do. Living in that calling is fun, even in the midst of crazy and challenging.

Not only is Unto helping the people of Louisiana, but they are also preparing to welcome the wave of refugees from Afghanistan. Some of this is through “Survival Kits” which provide nutritious meals, water filters and tarps for emergency shelters. Unto may also play a role in helping Afghanis settle in the United States.

You can help relieve suffering. Give Survival Kits to help Afghani and other refugees. Give to help victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and natural disasters in other locations.

If you are more of a hands on person, you may be able to volunteer with Hurricane Ida clean-up. Contact us and we will connect you to Unto’s Quick Response Team Coordinator.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel. We are grateful for you!

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