Sharing Jesus on Spring Break

Each March over 100,000 college students descend on Panama City Beach, Florida, looking to party and unwind after a winter of classes.

Cru students attend an evangelism training conference, called Big Break, in Panama City Beach and introduce many of those same students to Jesus.

Nate helps Cru students get from the Northeast to Panama City Beach. He signs off on bus contracts, advises Cru missionaries on paying for transportation and facilitates collecting payments from conference attendees.

This year, eighteen Cru students attended from the University of Massachusetts—Boston (UMass) and from Bunker Hill Community College.

Estella from UMass signed up for Big Break to enjoy the sun. The day before the trip she was dubious about going. However, she was on the bus the next day .

On the 24 hour bus ride, a Cru student and Estella talked about the Christian life. Finally, she understood the heart of the gospel.

During the week Estella visibly changed. Formerly very negative and concerned with what people thought of her; she became one of the most positive and thankful people on the trip. She now looks to God for acceptance and not other people. She was excited to share her revitalized faith and talked with anyone on the beach.

Estella was not the only student involved in Cru who experienced Jesus at Big Break. Angela from UMass was getting ready to share the gospel on the beach.

As she reviewed the four point gospel presentation she would be using, she realized she had never received Jesus into her own life (John 1:12). She believed in Jesus but had never invited Him to be the Lord of her life. She immediately invited Jesus to be her Lord and went out on the beach. She had a great experience at Big Break!

Back on campus, she shared the gospel with her boyfriend who also accepted Christ. Angela is now the student most excited to share the gospel at UMass!

We are so thankful that your partnership is making life transformation possible.

Please join us in praying for Estella, Angela and the many students who heard about Jesus at Panama City Beach over Spring Break.

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