They’ve arrived!

Thirteen students from New Mexico to Virginia have arrived in Boston to participate in the Boston Operations Summer Project (BosOps SP). Summer Projects are Cru mission trips.

Typically, student participants practice being Christians while working a full-time job. On evenings and weekends they participate in Bible Studies, go to church, have outreach events, etc…

Students on BosOps SP work fulltime using their graphic design, web design, photography and finance skills to help Cru ministries in the Northeast more effectively introduce students to Jesus this coming fall.

Nate will be working with four finance and computer majors to improve tools that help Cru staff be better stewards of the money Jesus has entrusted to them for evangelism and discipleship.

Kim will be facilitating a Bible Study with six girls (including the four Nate is coaching) and meeting one-on-one with Mackenzie.

These are the students in the Bible Study Kim is leading this summer. Nate will work with four of them.

Emily will be a junior at Laramie County Community College in Wyoming. She is studying Fine Arts. She enjoys photography and baking cupcakes.

Emily Ann will be a junior at Auburn University. She is studying Finance. Her perfect day would be spent reading a good book outside with a friend.

Kayla will be a senior at New Mexico State University. She is studying Finance. She enjoys running and reading books on economics like Freakonomics.

Jessica will be a sophomore at Augustana College in South Dakota. She is studying Computer Science and Business Communications. She enjoys Ultimate Frisbee.

Katelyn will be a senior at Ball State University. She is studying Finance. She enjoys swing dancing.

Mackenzie will be a Senior at Indiana University. She is studying Journalism and Public Relations. She enjoys reading historical fiction.

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