Freshmen & Jesus

Pictures can be a springboard to conversation. As students respond during a fall semester activity fair, there are opportunities to talk about the intersection of life and Jesus.

Like leaves blown by the wind, freshmen and their parents drifted into town before coming to rest at the dorm entrance. A flurry of unpacking, a final family dinner, goodbyes, tears and life changes. “Will my son be OK?” “Will my daughter?”

Cru staff members mentor students, helping them to navigate these changes and find a solid footing in relationship with Jesus.

Joe, a Cru staff member, has talked with many freshmen about Jesus this fall at the University at Albany.

Brett is from a churched background, but doesn’t believe in Jesus. He has reservations about trusting what he can’t see.

James wants to discover who God is on his own. Joe walked through the gospel with him. James now has a place to begin his investigation of God.

Mike is consumed by school. He understood the gospel as he talked with Joe, but he wasn’t ready to surrender his life to God.

Jack is a self-proclaimed agnostic who grew up in a Christian home. He desires community on campus. He is attending a Cru Bible study.

Joe read John 1 with Phil. Although he had been told many times what to believe about Jesus, he never understood why he should believe. Phil placed his faith in Jesus so he could begin a relationship with God.

Thank you for your partnership with us, as we help Cru staff like Joe introduce
students to Jesus. They are hearing about Jesus because of your prayers and financial partnership.


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