Summer Mission Continues at Brown University


Michael is a junior at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. This past summer he participated in the Cru Wildwood Summer Project (mission trip). He helped lead the team of over 60 students the final five weeks of the Project.

Students on the Wildwood Summer Project work alongside many international students on the Wildwood, New Jersey beach boardwalk. Over the course of the summer they become friends with their co-workers.

At the end of the summer Michael wrote, “The final outreach we did was ‘Beach Bash.’ I met one woman who had recently lost her job and was struggling with what God had planned for her life.

“I also met a teenager who didn’t believe he had a life because he had dropped out of school to take care of his mother who had Alzheimer’s.

“I was skeptical that people would open up, but all God wanted was for me to just try and He really opened up people’s hearts to sharing their lives.”

Michael also said, “The final night of the project many of the international friends we had made over the summer came to see us. During those few hours, we saw at least 5 people come to Christ.”

Michael’s summer was transformational for the people God touched through him. And it was transformational for him.

He learned to share his testimony and facilitate a Bible study. He regularly introduced others to Jesus.

As he finished the summer he wondered, “How do I apply what I have learned here to my ministry at Brown?”

This semester Michael has been facilitating prayer meetings, initiating spiritual conversations with his classmates, delivering welcome desserts to freshman dorm rooms and going to school. His fervor for sharing Jesus with his peers is contagious.

Michael is one of many reasons why Nate is excited to be able to provide the tools necessary for the operational support necessary for Cru Summer Projects to happen around the world.

Thank you for partnering in seeing students become contagious Jesus followers on their campuses and around the world. We are grateful for you!

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