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They’re back!  Over 417 students are returning this week to campuses around the Northeast.  They spent the weekend at Epicenter growing in their relationships with Jesus.  Many of them have had a ‘mountain top experience.’  As our closing speaker said, they are now returning to the valley,…where the fruit is produced.  It’s a good and normal thing.  Please pray for them as they return to their campuses to walk with Jesus and be an influence for Him.  You can pray for Nate, too, as he wraps up all the details that come with a conference of this size.

Here are some of our highlights:

Steve became a Christian!

One afternoon students used technology to begin conversations with their friends about Jesus. They texted friends and asked how they could pray for them.  They shared articles about spirituality on facebook and asked for feedback…

At our seminar on financial stewardship, there was an audible gasp when we shared the following quote from Randy Alcorn regarding avoiding debt:  “Is not having enough resources to pay cash for what I want, God’s way of telling me it isn’t his will for me to buy it?”

Students made lists of 10 friends they want to be praying for and seeking to serve as they return to campus.

Sitting with our son listening to the “modern parables” Matt Mikalatos, our speaker, told.

Thank you for investing with us in these students’ lives!

Nate and Kim Miller

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