Why Summer Projects? Let’s go!

Why are we so excited about Summer Projects (Cru’s summer mission trips around the world)? This video sums up some of the reasons in under 3 minutes.

Cru Summer Projects accomplish many things:

  • People around the world are introduced to Jesus.
  • Students grow in faith as they trust God by inviting others to join in their financial support.
  • Students on international summer projects:
    • Grow in relationship as they live and travel overseas with between 10 and 20 other students for six weeks during the summer.
    • Experience ministry in another culture.
    • Gain a heart for seeing the world reached.
  • Students on state-side summer projects:
    • Grow in relationship as they live in close community with between 20 and 75 other students for two months over the summer.
    • Learn how to be Christ like in the marketplace as they work in a full-time job during the day – perhaps at McDonald’s on a beach boardwalk.

Nate has a vital role to play in each of the over 200 Summer Projects which will occur this coming summer. He developed the tools necessary for Cru staff leading Summer Projects to plan financially for their Summer Project and provide financial accounting after the Summer Project is over.

Thank you for your role in seeing these trips happen through your prayers and support. You are changing the lives of countless people around the world and you are building the faith of numerous students. God may very well be raising up the generation that fulfills the Great Commission because of you!

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