Finding “Crew” at UNH

NY Fall Retreat

Over 300 students attended New York Cru Fall Retreat. Limited space meant some tented!

Kayla’s first night on campus was terrible. It was long and loud as both her freshmen roommates jumped into the party scene.

In the face of their belligerence, Kayla felt incredible pressure to join them. Seeing no hope for sleep, she curled up in a ball on her twin bed asking God to be near and protect her. She wanted her college experience to end before it had even begun.

Kayla came to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) unsure of what she would experience at college.

Her friends and pastor encouraged her to connect with Christians on campus right away. They mentioned that a Christian group called “crew” was at UNH. Though she hadn’t heard of it, she wanted to go.

After her long night, Kayla was even more eager to find anyone who knew about “crew” at UNH.

As she walked across campus, she saw a student wearing a t-shirt with the Cru logo emblazoned across the front. Kayla walked past him. “Cru?” she thought, “I wonder what that means?”

Then it clicked… She had been looking for “crew” but she should have been looking for “Cru”!

Kayla immediately stopped, turned around and chased the student across the quad. Barely introducing herself, she told him about her long night and how desperate she was to meet Christians at UNH.

Pete introduced himself, and then took Kayla to meet other students involved with Cru at UNH.

Kayla is now forming deep relationships with Christians on campus. And she is learning that God has sovereignly placed her with her partying roommates to help them meet Jesus.

Like Kayla, other students are walking more closely with Jesus this semester.

At Yale, a Cru staff member walked out of a dorm room after midnight loaded down with a box of beer and alcohol.

The girl with whom she was meeting that night had decided that she was tired of the party scene at Yale. Her first step was to get rid of her alcohol. She asked the Cru staff member to dispose of all of it!

Because of you, students across New York and New England are growing in relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your partnership. God is working and you are part of it!

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