Learning from atheists

Epicenter 2014 crop

Paul and Adam are interviewed by Doug Pollack at Cru’s Epicenter Conference

The room was quiet as two young atheists stepped onto the stage. They had volunteered to be interviewed on their beliefs about God, religion and science before an audience of over 400 Christians by Doug Pollack, the author of God Space—Naturally Creating Room for Spiritual Conversations.

Doug was the primary speaker at Cru’s Epicenter student conference over Martin Luther King weekend. He taught students to ask good questions and listen to the responses. This builds friendship and opens doors to invite people into relationship with Jesus.

Rather than just talking about evangelism, Doug helped us see his principles in action by interviewing Adam and Paul, two young atheists, on stage at our Cru conference.

Doug asked a variety of questions: What is your background? How did you come to settle on atheism?

When Adam and Paul told how they had grown up in the church— Can you pinpoint a defining moment when you turned from belief to not belief?

Have you had an experience that made you go “huh?” or think there might possibly be a God?

Paul has continued to connect with Doug after Epicenter. Thank you for your partnership in training a generation of students!

Watch the interview (don’t forget to watch Doug’s talks as well):


Doug’s talk before the interview:


Doug’s talks after the interview:

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