Meeting Jesus Outside

Students rappel in Acadia National Park with Lifelines, the outdoor ministry of Cru.

Students rappel in Acadia National Park with Lifelines, the outdoor ministry of Cru.

I was 27 years old the summer of 2012, when I found myself stuck in a lonely place. I was old enough to know how to be happy. But I was looking for something more: to be permanently happy.”

Brian (not his real name) is an Astrophysics PhD candidate. Three years ago he described himself as an atheist. After three years of relationship with Christian students, he recently began a relationship with Jesus. He describes the process in his own words…

“Three years before that summer I had set a goal to never fall again. But the summer of 2012, it felt like the floor fell out from under me. I felt like I would live the rest of my life alone. No matter what I tried or how much I helped others, nothing seemed to make me feel less lonely.

“I had never had a girlfriend and nothing seemed to change that. I became so jealous and full of despair. I gave up looking for happiness and began to take out my frustrations on the world around me.

“I had been to Cru meetings and gone on Lifelines trips. Each time they talked about topics that were relevant to my life and the emotions I felt.

“I saw testimonies from other people who went down even darker paths and found peace with God. I saw that there was another life path that I had never actually tried.

“I held onto grudges and gave up on society, but Cru and Lifelines never gave up on me, and neither did Jesus. Because of Cru and Lifelines I was empowered to accept Jesus and let God’s will be done instead of mine.

“While accepting Jesus does not necessarily mean my life has become easier, it has eased the pain of loneliness. I know that even in the hard times of life, I am finally on the right path.”

As one of the Lifelines Cru staff members says, “Evangelism is often like a guide leading someone to the top of a mountain. It is not easy, you may get lost in the woods for a while, it can take a long time and a lot of effort, and sometimes the person you are guiding decides they don’t want to go on. But, it is always worth it when you make it to the top of the mountain.”

Thank you for being a part of changing Brian’s life.

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