Drugs and Jesus on Spring Break


Wellesley College students, Katie, Kwabea, Emily, Mische (Cru staff member) & Liku are photo-bombed by Zack (Brandeis University) at Cru’s spring break evangelism training conference.

Mische, Cru staff member, found herself repeatedly answering one question as she sat in the sand at Panama City Beach (PCB). She was there with a group of Wellesley College women for Big Break, Cru’s spring break evangelism training conference. The question wasn’t about Jesus.

Instead she was asked, “Are you selling pot?” To students at PCB to party over spring break, this was a logical question to ask a young woman wearing a shirt that said “So high I can almost touch the sky.”

But God can use even the desire for drugs to bring people into relationship with Himself. Many students talked with Mische about Jesus.

The Wellesley students also grew in relationship with Jesus. Their experience:

Katie—I now have a deep impression of how beautiful and broken this world is. When we went sharing on the beach, I saw God in His power answer the specific prayers I lifted up to Him, but I also saw people living in emptiness and brokenness from which they couldn’t save themselves. As a result of Big Break, I have learned to trust more that Christ is the only hope for the world, and that He is coming (soon, God willing!)

Kwabea—Going to Big Break showed me another side of God’s heart. It was practical evidence that God loves believers and unbelievers alike. I was just amazed and blessed at how he brought people together at the right place at the right time so seeds could be sown in people’s lives to bring healing and repair brokenness.

Emily—Big Break strengthened my understanding of the Gospel as I explained my beliefs. At the beginning of the week, I was unsure what to expect from people on the beach. God led me to so many people that had similar experiences. He showed me these people for a purpose.

Liku—I’ve realized just how much people are yearning to know the truth and purpose to their lives. This trip has been a call for me to see the importance of revealing Christ to people. I see that this life was meant to worship a living God and enjoy Him with others.

Nate helped provide the behind the scenes support that enabled these women to attend Big Break. Your partnership is changing the hearts of college students!

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