Rochester Students

“Going to a Cru conference gave me the tools and the passion to share about God and have spiritual conversations. One night, I ended up talking about spirituality with my friend Tyler. He said, “Ryan, I really want to know more.” We started talking about the gospel, and he believed it, and decided to place his faith in Christ.”  Ryan H.

“I was invited to a Cru small group and showed up not knowing what to expect. We studied the Bible and prayed together. We also shared about what was going on in our lives. I have been able to build some really close relationships and grow closer to God as well.”   Dave S.

“My life before I found Christ was filled with a lot of partying and I was pretty lonely. I found Cru and ultimately found Christ through Cru. I’ve been able to expand my relationship with Christ and have real relationships. I’m hoping to have a future career in psychology and I want to incorporate what Christ wants for me in that.”   Ryan M.

“I grew up going to church, but I didn’t know God. I didn’t understand anything about the Bible or Jesus. When I was nine, my father left. I was a really broken person. When I got to college, my roommate introduced me to Cru. Through Cru I became very close to God and began a personal relationship with Him. I’m so excited to see what He is going to continue to do in my life!”   Jennifer C.

These are just a few of the many Rochester student stories that could be told. This year over 220 students were involved with Cru in Rochester, including 7 new believers!

Thank you for your partnership. Without you, we would not be able to provide the behind-the-scenes support that helped enable the Cru staff in Rochester to introduce students to Jesus. You are changing the lives of college students.

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