Fall Retreats Change Lives!


The view greeting students at the Upstate NY Fall Retreat.

When do you connect with Jesus? Many times it is easier to experience a special time with Him when you’re away from the normal routine of life. That’s why we have Fall Retreats.

This past weekend, over 200 Cru students on campuses from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse held a joint Fall Retreat.

Dave*, a student from Buffalo, became a Christian just a few months ago. The retreat helped him realize that God is calling him to a greater purpose.

He exclaimed, “When I woke up this morning, the first thing that went through my mind was, ‘I’m excited to serve God today!’”

He is excited to talk with his mom. He wants to tell her, “I learned so much about myself and Jesus and I want to share that with you!”

Thank you for your role in helping Dave grow closer to Jesus this past weekend. Your partnership enabled Nate to equip these teams .

Please pray for the approximately 700 students attending Fall Retreats in the Northeast over the next three weekends.

Thank you for your partnership. You are changing students in the Northeast!

*not his real name

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