I Agree at Boston University

Anthony at BU

Do you agree with Anthony?”

For two weeks, posters, stickers and t-shirts asked this question all over Boston University’s campus.  Yet the real question around campus was, “Who is Anthony?”

By the time Anthony shared what he believed, radio stations, newspapers and online forums were begging for information.

On an urban campus of 30,000 students like Boston University, it is hard to do anything that the entire school notices. Only the hockey team commands that kind of attention and respect.

So it was fitting that after two weeks of advertising, Anthony was revealed to be a Boston University student studying Public Health and a varsity hockey goalie.

His teammates came to support him and his coaches invited every athlete on campus.

He quickly befriended everyone in the room as he shared his experience growing up in church, struggling in friendship, playing hockey for BU and accepting Christ as his Savior.

Anthony was endearing and disarming. Todd, a Cru staff member, sat behind one student who had clearly come to be antagonistic. However, throughout the talk, he heard the student mutter, “Huh, ok, that’s cool.”

Other students responded by comment card.

“Anthony’s talk was incredible and relatable. It was nice to hear from someone who understood coming from a non-Christian viewpoint but urging open-mindedness.”

 “Anthony’s message showed that everyone is truly on a spiritual journey, but through it all we need Jesus in our lives to guide us. His story makes me want to strengthen my spirituality.”

Since Anthony spoke a month ago, six hockey players have joined a Bible study, including two who are new believers. A lacrosse team Bible study has formed and a member of that team has accepted Christ.

You can watch Anthony at: http://tinyurl.com/BUAnthony.


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