Students changed through YOU!

2014 UNH pizza

God is changing the lives of students in the Northeast because of your partnership with us. Thank you! Here are just a few of the awesome things that God is doing because of you:

Reaching Students in the Facebook Student Union

This summer, Cru student leaders at the University of New Hampshire joined the Facebook page “UNH Class of 2018.” Incoming freshmen also joined the group to find roommates and future friends.

One UNH Cru student leader posted a video welcoming the freshmen to UNH. The video was viewed 899 times before the fall semester began, mostly by incoming freshmen. Students who saw the video came to Cru freshmen cookouts, weekly meetings and conferences.

A freshman at the UNH Cru Fall Conference said, “In May, as I was finishing up high school, a Cru UNH staff member messaged me [on Facebook] about checking out Cru once I got to UNH in the fall. I thought that was weird because I’m not religious. [Then a traumatic thing happened], and I really wanted to try Cru. Now I want to turn to Jesus.”

Students Growing at Fall Retreat

A student at the University at Buffalo, also named Nate, became a Christian over the summer. This fall he attended the UB Fall Retreat. He said, “At first I was nervous about going. I didn’t know what expect and didn’t know many people. But I loved it! I can’t wait to go next year. People I kind of knew before, I now feel are truly my friends. Also, I feel like something came alive in me last weekend. I went being cool with Christianity but came out committed. I now know I will never leave the Christian faith. I want to spend time with the Lord daily.”

Students Building into Students

This past summer, Josh went on a Cru Summer Mission Trip to Wildwood, New Jersey. He learned to be a Christian in the context of work while working a full time job on the Wildwood Boardwalk. He learned to share the gospel clearly and concisely. And he learned to help younger believers grow in their faith. When Josh arrived back on campus in Albany, New York this fall, he began to lead a Bible study for freshmen and sophomore guys.

Cole, a student in that Bible study, confided to Josh that he wanted God to use him to bring others into relationship with Jesus, “But I don’t know how to do that.”

Josh replied, “You know the gospel. Tell me what you believe.”

“That’s just the thing – I know it in my head but when I try to tell it, I don’t know where to start so it all makes sense, like a unified thought,” Cole responded.

Josh taught Cole how to use Knowing God Personally, a four point outline of the gospel. This small booklet clearly communicates the gospel and invites a person to make a decision in light of what they’ve learned. Josh also taught Cole how to share his testimony in three minutes.

Because of his summer in Wildwood, Josh is helping other students grow in their faith!

Your Impact

Each of these stories came about, in part, because of your partnership with us. Thank you! Our deep appreciation for you is unwavering. We are grateful to Jesus for you!

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