Increasing Time for Students

Winter Conf Meeting

Twelve hundred Cru students worship at one of ten Cru Winter Conferences.


Thousands of students attend Cru conferences every year.

A freshman might attend a Fall Retreat and make his first Christian friend on campus.

A sophomore might spend a summer in South Africa tutoring and loving on orphans because he heard a call to missions at a Winter Conference.

A junior might spend her spring break at an evangelism training conference in Panama City Beach, Florida, being equipped for a lifetime of sharing her faith.

This past fall, Nate has worked to improve Cru’s system for handling the finances behind the scenes for these conferences.

In a helpful—though admittedly unscientific—survey, we’ve found that this has given Cru staff an additional 439 hours for ministry per month!

Those are hours our field staff are freed up to spend with students, not slogging through a muddle of finances.

Hours for sharing the good news with students.

Hours for building them in their faith.

Hours for preparing them for a lifetime of serving Jesus.

Thank you for partnering with us so students can know Christ and share Him with our world!


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