Answers to Prayer

Finance Together 2016

Cru’s CFO reminds Cru staff members that their skill in finance enables people to meet Jesus.

Last week we needed God’s help even more than usual. We sent out an email asking you to join us in prayer. (If you’d like to receive future requests, please email us!)

Nate was helping with a conference for Cru staff members in finance and was gone much of the week. Kim was helping to give cookies to students at a local college.

The conference. Nate’s finance conference went very well. Cru staff from around the USA were encouraged in their behind the scenes financial roles. Their skills enable others to effectively accomplish the giant task of taking the gospel to the world.

Leaders came who work with the military, inner city, the Jesus Film, families, people in crisis, athletes, students, etc.… Ninety in all!

The cookies. The cookies were a hit with students at the University of Central Florida. They texted spiritual questions to receive free cookies.

Some of the questions were: “How can there be only one God?” “Why are there still so many difficult things happening in the world?” “How can I know if I’m doing the right things in my life?”

While the students will eventually need answers, our job was to begin an ongoing conversation.

We sought to understand why their question was important to them. We tried to learn about their backgrounds. Of course, some students just wanted cookies!

Kim delivered cookies with a group of mostly freshmen Cru students who had never done anything like this before. They were excited for their campus to know that God loves them.

Thank you for praying!


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