Truly Good News

Jesus Film for Kids cropped

This film is leading Chinese grad students to Jesus. Click to watch it free.


How might you introduce future world leaders to Jesus? Only 0.014% of those born outside the US attend college in the US. Many in this exclusive group become leaders in their home country.

Bridges, a Cru ministry, focuses on introducing these international students to Jesus.

This past Easter, on campus here in Orlando, our staff showed some of these leaders a version of the Jesus Film called “The Story of Jesus for Children.”

When the movie ended, students broke into small groups to discuss what they had just seen. Our staff sat with two graduate students from China.

One of the students had recently become a follower of Jesus. He was excited to share his story with the group!

His friend, the other grad student, listened quietly and then replied, “It truly is good news! I believe it to be true.”

He said he wanted to put his faith in Jesus, if God would accept his small faith. He was so humble and sincere.

He had been studying the Bible for a year and his friends had been waiting for this moment.

Tears welled up in the eyes of those in the group. They prayed for him and for his internship with a difficult advisor.

With faith like a child, this Chinese grad student was welcomed into relationship with Jesus.

Bridges is one of the Cru ministries we work behind the scenes to serve. Thank you for helping us do that. You are a part of reaching international students and future world leaders!


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