Students Arrive, Cru Staff Welcome


One way Cru meets students is through questionnaires. These can quickly identify students interested in Jesus.


College students around the world are settling into new dorm rooms and adjusting to new classes, trying to make friends and find their way. Cru teams helped them move in, lugging refrigerators and stacks of clothing up flights of stairs.

This is not the time for our field staff to be hassling with ministry finances and struggling through forms. And they are not! Nate and others who work behind the scenes are freeing them up so they can be on campus with students.

Here is some of what is happening on campuses around the US:

Justin returned to Morehead State University (Kentucky) for his senior year. In his previous years at school, he knew all the proper Christian words. However, this summer, while helping with a Cru mission trip to reach athletes in New Zealand, he realized he was looking for satisfaction in his pursuit of coaching. After coming to this realization, he surrendered His life to Jesus.

Justin returned to campus finding satisfaction in knowing Jesus. His desire is to have an impact on the Morehead basketball team. His words now match his actions.

On South Carolina campuses, students are considering joining Cru small groups. One freshman said: “I’ve seen what the other guys on my hall are getting into, and I don’t want that to be me. I want to stay close to God in college, and I know the decisions I make at the beginning of the year are important.”

In Ohio, a Cru staff member met Cody. He was raised in church, but left as a teen when he got “fed up.” As they talked, despite his background, it was clear that Cody’s heart was open. “… I want to trust people again, and I want to trust God,” Cody said. He wasn’t ready to trust Jesus yet, but agreed to consider Christ and to come to a Cru Bible study.




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