Kim Trains New Cru Missionaries


Kim and Lynn help a new Cru staff member with her budget.

Kim recently joined Cru’s Stewardship Team. We want our missionaries to be equipped for a lifetime of service. One aspect of this is being good stewards of their financial resources.

In October, Kim attended a conference for new Cru staff. She helped them prepare personal spending plans. She encouraged them to pay off any debt and to avoid it in the future. Since many of them of were just out of college, they even talked about how to buy a car.

These new missionaries are headed all over the world to tell others about Christ. Kim spent time with some going to Asia, to North Carolina, to work with the Jesus Film, to South Dakota,… And there were many others.

But the starting point for all of it is knowing that any and all resources that come our way belong to God. We are just managing it for him for a time.

Thank you for helping to make it possible for these new Cru staff to learn principles that will keep them in ministry for a lifetime. We are grateful for you!


Prayer Requests:

  • That new Cru staff members internalize and apply principles of biblical financial stewardship.
  • That our new missionaries teach others and help them to be good stewards of God’s money.
  • For us as we also seek to pass these things on to our boys! And apply them ourselves!


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