International School Project

Public school teachers receive training in morals from Cru staff.

“This is great! We’re going to use this curriculum in our school!” said a Guatemalan teacher after a group training session.

The training was done by International School Project (ISP), a ministry of Cru that provides training, curricula and materials to help teachers meet the social and spiritual needs in their classroom and community.

This branch of Cru partners with local and national ministries of education to train public school teachers on the historical and philosophical foundations of morals and ethics.

ISP’s curriculum teaches students to avoid alcohol and drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases. Lessons include small group discussion, movement, music, and drama.

“My job is to fix kids who are broken,” said a school psychologist who attended the first ISP conference in Ecuador along with 215 other teachers.

According to some teachers attending the conference, sexual assault of minors is rampant in the schools.

The student curriculum was very well received. “I feel an urgency to share this curriculum. I can’t let more time go by and allow another generation to be lost.”

Nate’s work in finances allows Cru staff working with the International School Project to serve teachers around the world without distraction. Students are learning about Jesus as a result.

Thank you for helping to make this possible. You are changing the lives of students around the world!


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