God’s Introductions



A Cru staff member speaks to a high school track team about Jesus and faith.


The air was full of anticipation. Kevin and other Cru staff members had come to Chicago to see who God would introduce them to as they were starting new ministries at new high schools.

The first evening they prayed as they walked the grounds of a campus. They talked with security, parents, and students. They even met the head track coach!

He told them that he had just been diagnosed with cancer and his team had rallied around him. Before they parted he invited them to speak to his team the next day.

When they arrived to speak to the track team, the boys track coach tried to prevent them. “Who’s given you permission?” he demanded.

The girls track coach, who God had introduced them to on the way in, jumped to their defense, “They don’t need any permission, the way I see it,” he explained. “If Coach said it’s ok, then it’s good.”

A few minutes later Kevin stood before the team of thirty students. The boys coach stood ready to jump in if necessary. The team had given other speakers a hard time. “But you held their attention!” The boys coach was now their biggest fan.

Kevin invited the team to return after practice for pizza and discussion about faith. Twenty-five high school athletes returned eager to eat pizza. Five indicated that they wanted to follow Jesus!

Thank you for your partnership with us. Nate helps to provide the behind the scenes financial reporting that allows Cru High School to expand on new campuses like this one in Chicago. You are a huge part of changing lives!

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