Welcoming a new year

Indy Prayer

Cru students pray in Indianapolis.

They came from all over the United States to gather in 10 locations. These 7,000 college students could have rung in the New Year anywhere, but they wanted to hear from Jesus and have an impact on their communities as 2019 turned into 2020.

In Denver a student said, “I came to the conference with people I barely knew and was not entirely sure about my own faith and relationship with Jesus. But God worked in my heart. Just minutes before an evening session, I prayed and gave my life to Christ. I found the community of friends and family that I’ve always prayed for. If I didn’t attend Winter Conference, I am not sure where I would be, but I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to attend.” Hundreds of other students also placed their faith in Jesus for the first time!

Students in Dallas/Fort Worth were challenged to follow Jesus as Afshin Ziafat, a Frisco, Texas pastor, spoke of his journey from Islam to following Jesus. “If the cause is worthy, the cost is irrelevant,” he said.

Heather Holleman, a Penn State English professor, invited students in Indianapolis to reflect on the reality that they are seated with Christ (Ephesians 2:6) and also sent to carry God’s message to those who don’t yet know him.  She said, “I talk to people like they are already believers.” She shares what she’s learning from the Bible, offering to pray with and for people and normalizing spiritual conversations.

These students are now introducing friends on campus to Jesus. Thank you for being a part of the gospel going to the world as we serve behind the scenes to free other Cru staff for more direct ministry!


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