Welcoming the Brightest


Anu (left) and a friend demonstrate an Indian dance.

For many around the world the epitome of education is a US university. But only the brightest and most wealthy international student can study in the US.

Unfortunately, 70% of these future world leaders are never invited into an American home or church while they are in the US. Many feel like unwelcomed outcasts.

Bridges, a ministry of Cru, exists to welcome these students and invite them into relationship with Jesus.

Many Bridges staff find they can build relationships with international students by inviting them for a meal that is sensitive to their dietary customs.

Bridges staff at Kansas State University recently hosted a “Halal BBQ” for Middle Eastern men. Twenty men enjoyed the food and discussion on how the Five Love Languages could help their marriages and other relationships.

Meanwhile at the University of Illinois, Anu, a biology PhD candidate from India, attended a Bridges Thanksgiving Dinner outreach. As a little boy he would go from temple to temple in India seeking the truth. But he never found an answer that made sense.

At the dinner Ashley, a senior from China and former Buddhist, shared her story. She mentioned faith and science. Anu was suddenly struck that a logical, educated person could believe both.

Anu recently said, “I’m no longer agnostic. I know God is real. The most compelling part of Christianity is the compassion. I’ve never felt such love.”

Thank you for partnering with us to provide the behind the scenes help necessary for Bridges staff to reach Anu!


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