Eternity and Coronavirus

Video discipleship
Coaching students by video.

Oddly, ministry to students seems better in this time of social distancing!” a Cru staff member recently said. “[This generation] prefers digital communication over in-person, so the students I coach are happy to continue our evangelism training via video.”

In fact, one student on a training call invited two Chilean Christians to join them by video. She’d met them during a study abroad year in Chile.

One of the Chileans said she told a worried friend, “The most important thing is that we trust God.” She intended it in much the same way we would say, “Bless you!” after someone sneezes. She was surprised when her friend said, “You didn’t tell me why or how!” That started a deep gospel conversation.

In West Chester, PA, Cru staff members posted an article about anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. After reading the article and a follow-up piece on knowing God personally, nine people indicated they had decided to follow Jesus.

In Orlando all three of our boys are now participating in school at home. Nate is working from home because Florida has issued a stay-at-home order. Kim is volunteer teaching 6th grade language arts virtually at Isaiah’s school. After three weeks, our house is beginning to feel smaller.

Thank you for enabling us to continue to serve Cru staff around the world even during this time.

We are praying for you that you would experience the peace and protection of Jesus. If you would like us to pray more specifically for you, please email us at We are so grateful for you!

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