Seven Simple Questions

An “in-person” socially distanced Cru Bible Study on a college campus.

Students are starving on college campuses around the US—not for food but for meaningful social interaction. After nearly a year of isolation and a semester of virtual classes they are returning to in person instruction hungry to connect with others.

Cru staff members around the US report that in spite of requirements while on campus to sit six feet (or more!) apart, wear masks and no physical touch (handshakes, fist bumps, hugs, etc…) students are willing to talk for hours.

There has been great desire for in person Bible Studies, even if “in person” means meeting in a classroom like the one pictured above.

There are probably many people around you who are also hungry for connection. Consider leading a Bible Study to build community in your neighborhood. Invite people. Pick a book of the Bible. Ask these seven questions when you meet:

1. What do you like about this passage? Why? (Reveals when our heart is in line with God’s word.)

2. What do you not like or find challenging about this passage? Why? (Reveals a growth area.)

3. What do you not understand? (Encourage the group to answer. Maybe assign someone to find the answer for the next time you meet.)

4. What do you learn about God (or people) and His character?

5. How will you apply what we have discussed this week?

6. What verse or phrase will you “take with you” to help you apply our discussion?

7. How can we pray for each other this week?

You are making a difference in the world! Thank you!

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