Caring for Professors

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students say thank you.
“Teach from Home” care packages delivered to New York University professors.

After a year of teaching via Zoom, many professors need encouragement. Cru staff members with Faculty Commons are creatively facilitating expressions of thankfulness from students.

Students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo thanked over fifty of their professors via one minute videos. They told their professors things like, “I just wanted to encourage you and say that you’re doing an amazing job with these lectures. I know that you work really hard, posting them at 2am! Thank you so much!” and, “I’ve learned so much being in your class. All the work you’ve done is so appreciated; it really shows you care about your students.”

Professors responded enthusiastically, “Wow – I’ve been teaching at Cal Poly for 16 years and have never experienced such a meaningful thank you.” and, “I seriously got tears in my eyes watching your video — that was one of the most special things ever!

At New York University, Cru staff members invited Cru students to write digital thank you notes to their professors. The Cru staff members emailed each professor for their home address. Seventy-five professors received care packages with student thank you notes and goodies. They were also invited to virtual round tables: God and the Human Mind and Living & Dying in the Time of Covid.”

Faculty Commons is a ministry of Cru that helps grad students and professors walk with Jesus. While students leave campus to share Jesus with the world, professors remain on campus to reach the next generation of students.

Thank you for caring for both students and faculty on college campuses!

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