Hungry for Community

Whether they are in a Zoom Room, a Blanket Bible Study, an outdoor weekly gathering, or a Masked Meeting, students continue to connect and reach their campuses for Jesus.

Makayla, a sophomore at San Francisco State University, had a dream last January. She dreamt all the African American students on her campus were worshipping together. She and a Cru staff member immediately planned to launch Impact, Cru’s contextualized ministry for African American students. Then Covid-19 arrived. What was God doing?

Returning to campus this fall Makayla started an Impact Instagram and reached out to her campus. Ten students came to the first meeting! The staff member says, “Looking back, I think starting Impact via Zoom has actually been easier and more effective than it would have been in person.”

Sam is a freshman at the University of Kentucky. The first time he heard the gospel this fall he exclaimed, “This is the best news ever!”

Jacob, a student at Illinois State University, told his mom about his plans to become a missionary overseas after graduation. His mom saw how excited he was and asked, “Can you tell me about Jesus, too?”

Anna, a Cru staff member with Impact, wasn’t planning on visiting Western Illinois University, but an African American church asked her to help lead a Bible study after they had over 1,000 freshman express interest!

These are just a few of the many stories we could share. Students are hungry for community. That need is being met in Jesus. Thank you for your part in changing the lives of students around the US!

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