Teachers Reach the World

Ninety teachers from Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Russia
meet south of Moscow to learn about Christian school curricula and tools prior to Covid-19.

In the face of the global pandemic, many teachers have transitioned from classrooms to online platforms. This has led to new opportunities to share the gospel.

Cru’s International School Project (ISP) provides educational resources, connects teachers, and equips them to leave a lasting impact for Jesus on their students, their co-workers, and their society.

This past school year, Irina, a teacher in Russia, met with the parents of her students once a month. She used ISP’s Shaping Your Child’s Future curriculum to teach parents how to restore their authority in the home and develop practical parenting skills.

Irina continues to meet parents weekly. She sees these online gatherings as an opportunity to draw parents’ attention to God.

Teachers in Zaoksky, Russia recently formed a Teacher’s Community. They meet monthly to discuss spiritual and professional topics.

They also introduce other teachers in their district to ISP’s Dream Makers—Dream Breakers curriculum. This curriculum engages students in discussions about promiscuity and drug and alcohol abuse through the stories of three students and their grandmothers.

At a July outdoor teacher training in Albania, Lediana told an ISP staff member, “For quite some time, God has put on my heart to minister to teachers. Now that I’ve heard about your ministry, I want to volunteer. How can I participate?”

Cru’s International School Project is just one of the many ministries that my team serves at Cru Headquarters. Thank you for your part in changing the lives of teachers, parents and students around the world!

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