Redeeming a COVID Summer

God redeemed Sarah’s COVID summer.

Devastation. I know that sounds dramatic, but that is what I experienced when Wildwood Summer Mission Trip was cancelled.”

Sarah, a student at the University of Iowa, wanted to go to Wildwood, New Jersey with Cru to practice evangelism for ten weeks.

“Then COVID happened. I felt trapped in my home, limited to daily quiet times with no ability to ‘do’ anything. When I heard about Cru’s Summer of Theology I was sold.”

Summer of Theology is an interactive, online, ten-week theological deep dive. It replaced cancelled Cru Summer Mission Trips.

“I’ve only been living for Jesus for a year,” Sarah continued. “I can struggle to see the logic of commonly accepted doctrine. This summer my logical brain and my emotional heart connected in a sweet devotion to the Lord that has shown me it is good to have deep questions and seek truth.”

Anna-Marie, a student at St. John’s University, had a similar experience.

“My plans went out the window due to COVID. I asked God to redeem my summer. When I heard about Summer of Theology I signed up eagerly.

I’ve grown up in the church, but discovered many important theological truths I had to relearn and process.

My favorite module covered sanctification. I realized I had many misconceptions about what it was and how the Holy Spirit makes me into the image of Christ. The more I learn, the hungrier I am for the Word.”

Thank you for partnering with us. Your partnership is making a difference in the lives of students around the United States. We are grateful for you!

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