Contracts and Jesus

How can people impact the world when they serve behind the scenes with Cru? You may have asked that question; Nate certainly has.

Since January, Nate has been leading a team to improve Cru’s process for managing contracts.

FamilyLife, Cru’s ministry to families, typically has over 50 marriage conferences and other events each year. Each conference venue requires a contract.

The Jesus Film, Cru’s film ministry, has numerous partners who request to use or translate films into new languages each year. Each request requires a contract.

Cru’s Campus Ministry organizes about 100 mission trips each year for college students. Cru staff locate safe housing for the students so they can minister to the community around them without distraction. Each housing location requires a contract.

Managing all these contracts takes time. Nate’s team estimates that improving Cru’s contracting process may save Cru 30,000 hours annually.

That is time that can be invested in families, Jesus Film partners, and college students. Time for evangelism, discipleship and sending people on mission to the world.

Your partnership enables Nate to free up Cru staff for ministry instead of paperwork. And your partnership is helping Cru to be an even better steward of the money and people that Jesus has entrusted to Cru for evangelism and discipleship.

Thank you! You are making a difference.

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