Serving Athletes at All Levels

Estonian distance runner, Tiidrek Nurme, and Cru Athletes in Action staff member, Nick.

What do an Estonian runner, high school hockey players, and a collegiate football player have in common? All of them are mentored by a Cru staff member serving with Athletes in Action (AIA), Cru’s ministry to athletes.

Tiidrek Nurme is a runner who holds his nation’s records in the 1500 and 3000 meters. He is Estonia’s current athlete of the year and will compete in the 2021 Olympics for the third time. He recently sought out Nick, an AIA staff member, for mentoring as he seeks to represent Jesus on the track.

Mark, AIA staff member in Michigan, has provided spiritual guidance for USA U18 Hockey Team members the past two years. As they head to college teams, these young men remarked on their time:

“I finally understand what it means to have a relationship with God.”

“I’m a better athlete and man because of what I’ve learned.”

“The things I’ve learned impact me on & off the ice.”

Zion, a member of the Boston College football team, is mentored by AIA staff member Benjamin. There are 100 young men on the BC football team. They notice a difference in Zion. There are surface level things like not drinking, partying, or “hooking up.”

The younger guys are especially drawn to his wisdom, warmth, and joy.  The past few months Zion has been the one many are confiding in about the things which truly matter. He enthusiastically tells them who is number one in his own life.

One of Nate’s teammates serves AIA behind the scenes. Nate also works closely with them. Your partnership is changing the lives of athletes around the world. Thank you!

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