A Mortgage to Meet Jesus

Participants in the South Asian track at a Cru Bridges Conference.

What would you do to learn about Jesus?

In June, Thad, a Cru Bridges staff member, had lunch with Sai, a grad student from India, with the hope of sharing the gospel. Sai shared that he did not want to come to the US to study. He had told his dad that it would be much cheaper to study at a university in India.

His dad finally admitted his real reason for pushing Sai to study in the US. Not only did he want him to learn about digital engineering, he also wanted Sai to learn about America and from Americans. “I especially want you to learn about Christianity. Christianity has been around for 2,000 years, so there must be something to it. Find out what that is and bring that back. We can’t learn that here.”

With that, Sai’s father took out a second mortgage, paid Sai’s tuition and flew him to Arizona!

Faithful to his father’s commission, Sai attended a Bridges Christmas outreach where he heard parts of the gospel. He met Christians and even visited church a few times, but he did not understand the gospel. Thad helped him to better understand.

Over lunch, Thad asked Sai if he had heard that Jesus died for our sins. He had. He asked Sai if he understood what that means and how Jesus’ death helps us. Sai admitted that he did not understand.

Even though Sai is not yet ready to believe in Jesus, he was excited that Thad helped him understand the core of Christianity.

Nate’s team serves Bridges behind the scenes. Your partnership is changing the lives of students and parents around the world. Thank you!

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