Video game evangelism  

What would you do to reach three billion people united by the common cause of video gaming? They are heavily invested in video gaming, spending an average of $40 per month and playing an average of 7 hours per week.

Cru is seeking to reach this community by partnering with video gaming ministries and through a video game focused summer mission trip (see sidebar).

Nathan is one student reached through video gaming outreach.

When they were high school sophomores, Nathan’s friend Matthew repeatedly invited him to youth group. Nathan finally visited after Matthew told him that they played a popular video game before and after the meeting.

Nathan began attending regularly. Later that year, the youth group leader asked the kids to name someone who is a good disciple of something.

Nathan spoke up: “I’ve been through a lot this year, and Matthew has loved me. He hasn’t judged me or acted preachy—he has just played games with me and loved me.” Through tears, he continued: “I lost my dad this summer, and since then I have felt a hole in my heart. The only time that hole feels full is when I am here, around people who love Jesus.”

Now grown, Nathan is a youth leader and has led his mother to Jesus. God used video games as a platform for Matthew to love Nathan, and that love has spread to others.

Thank you for being a part of changing lives around the world!

A few resources for sharing Jesus with those in the video gaming community:

Ministries Reaching the Gaming Community

To learn more about Cru’s Video Game focused Summer Mission Trip watch this short video:

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