Stories from the Field

Nick (left), a Cru intern, shares a donut with a University of New England student.

God is working in the lives of students this semester.

From the University of New England in Maine: Our team hosts a weekly table in the student commons. We give out free doughnuts.

To help start conversations we ask students to respond to an engaging question.

We have asked, “What are some of your needs on campus?” and, “If you could ask God a question, what would you ask?” So far, it has been a success. We’ve had students return multiple weeks to grab a doughnut and engage with us.

Through doughnuts and questions, we’re getting to know students.

From a high school ministry in California: Mr. Preacher man, do you mind if I roll this blunt?” David, a Cru High School Staff member, had just joined a group of eight students at Poly Burger, a block from school. He approached this evermoving bundle of humanity, offering a burger to anyone willing to play a survey game using Snapshot Cards.

His offer accepted; David was now navigating the chaos. He answered the young lady, “Sure, go ahead, don’t let me stop you.” But she put the weed away and began to respond about her life and faith.

Two other young men heard the gospel. They assured David that they had accepted Jesus in the past. Both are struggling with faith and want to join the Cru club on their campus.

Thank you for being a part of changing lives around the United States and the world!

P.S. There are many Cru staff in Ukraine, Russia, and surrounding countries. Please pray for their continued witness for Jesus during conflict.

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