Welcoming Refugees

Zofia and her family are welcoming Ukrainian refugees to Poland.

Cru staff members working with Bridges regularly welcome international students to the United States and befriend them while they are here. The Bridges staff at Pennsylvania State University recently glimpsed the impact of their ministry.

A few years ago, they befriended Zofia and her family while Zofia’s husband did postdoctoral research at Penn State. Two years ago, Zofia’s family returned to Poland.

They didn’t hear from Zofia until refugees began to pour across the border of Ukraine into Poland, fleeing the Russian invasion. Zofia and her family had the opportunity to help. They wrote:

I just want to let you know that you’re on my mind recently. You are one of the people who made me feel very welcome in the US. The meal you brought and all the help and friendship you offered really meant a lot. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you when now I’m trying to help the Ukrainians fleeing their homes and make them feel welcome.

I remember how hard it is to be far from home and family and it must be nothing compared to running away from your home, with no preparation, being parted with your husband who has to stay and fight and not knowing if your loved ones are all right. I’m trying to pay forward the kindness I experienced being in the US. Thank you again for that, and if you happen to know about anyone heading to Poland who might need help let me know. All the best for all of you!

Thank you for your partnership with us! Because of you, these Cru Bridges staff were able to serve Zofia’s family without distraction. Now Zofia’s family is changing the lives of Ukrainians fleeing Russia. You are having an impact!

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