Family Update

We are always excited about God’s work in people’s lives. Here are some updates about three of our favorite people: our boys.

Joah (on the left) and his friend, Julian, won the Florida State Championship in their event.

Joah graduated from high school this spring. For the past few years, he has rowed with a local crew team.

In April, Joah and his friend, Julian, won the Florida youth rowing state championship in the pair. They were fifth in the Southeast regionals and twenty-third nationally. We are grateful for the strength and perseverance he has developed through rowing.

In late June, Joah began college at the United States Military Academy at West Point. While we miss having him home, we are excited to see what God has in his future!

Micah (third from right) with his robotics team ‘Exploding Bacon’ at Orlando Regionals.
Isaiah is also in Exploding Bacon and enjoys archery on the side.

This year Micah and Isaiah both joined Exploding Bacon FRC #1902, a robotics team. The team competed at the FRC World Championship. We are impressed with First Robotics’ emphasis on “gracious professionalism” and “coopertition” – cooperation in competition.

Micah, a junior, jumped into learning about CAD and robot mechanics.

Isaiah, a freshman, enjoyed learning about robot electronics.

Both were challenged to think creatively to solve unexpected issues.

We are thankful each boy can explore their own interests. God has uniquely made them.

Our family might be running in many different directions, but we still make time to play games together and to have fun.

Thank you for your partnership with us! You are part of our ministry and family. We are grateful for you!

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